Tips to stop procrastinating

As a university student, it can be challenging to not procrastinate, as it is easy to become overwhelmed and decide…

As a university student, it can be challenging to not procrastinate, as it is easy to become overwhelmed and decide to stop getting your work done in favour of something easier going!

However, overcoming procrastination is important so below are some tips I have used to get myself through exam and assignment season:

Pick a good study location

I have found that carefully choosing where to work on campus or at home really helps me keep my focus.

Booking out individual study rooms within the Sarah Swift building or library rooms either alone or with friends is very helpful to have a quiet atmosphere to concentrate.

Making use of the silent floor on the third floor of the library is also useful in ensuring a quiet study space, it is also easy to become motivated to get work done as other students on the floor are also being quiet and being productive!

Set realistic goals

My personal view on stopping procrastination is to set realistic goals so I do not become easily disheartened when I fall behind on the ambitious set target for how much work I seek to complete on that given day.

By setting a realistic goal, I can usually accomplish this or see I am on track throughout the day, which increases my motivation to continue working instead of becoming easily distracted as I would feel I am already behind on my goal, so what would be the point in continuing?

Working with a study group

If I surround yourself with hard-working friends or housemates whilst I work, it is easier for me to stay on track as if I become distracted, it does not just affect me, it will also affect others’ concentration.

Therefore, this deters me from talking, going on my phone, or being off track.

Take a break

Sometimes, I find my concentration starts to drift away from my work and this leads me to procrastinate or go on my phone.

Usually at this point, depending on how long I have been working for, I allow myself to take a break as regular breaks are important to be able to come back after some time away from my desk to improve focus.

I enjoy watching Netflix or going for a walk into town as a way to shift my focus from work onto relaxation.

Be kind to yourself

If you find yourself procrastinating too much on one day, it may be time to relax, and start afresh next time, listen to what your mind is telling you, ensure you find a balance and do not get burnout!

If on one day you cannot concentrate, do not let this discourage you – next time you go back to continue your assignments or revision.

For lots more on manging distractions and procrastination head over to Learning at Lincoln!

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