Where to go in Lincoln if you have burnout

Burnout is something that unfortunately, as university students, you may find yourself experiencing. With study and assessment commitments, it’s often…

Burnout is something that unfortunately, as university students, you may find yourself experiencing. With study and assessment commitments, it’s often easy to become stressed about your workload, wondering if you’re doing enough, or if you’re going about your studies in the “correct” way.

This can lead to very unpleasant physical and mental exhaustion, and when this happens – it can be difficult to know what to do about it. In my experience, moving your focus completely away from your studies and treating yourself can be a great way to start, so here’s a list of a few places in Lincoln where you can do just that!

Coffee Cats

Somewhere that is truly therapeutic (and adorable) is the Coffee Cats cat café, which is located on The Strait in Lincoln. Not only can you come in and discover a comfy space with nice coffee, but you can spend time with some feline friends – some of whom include Mark Antony and Olaf The White!

There is an admission fee, but this is to allow the café to be able to provide everything they need for their feline companions, so it’s well worth it!


Located on the High Street, this is one of my personal favourite places to go in Lincoln when I’m feeling drained. Sometimes it can be for a relaxing trip to the café where they have a great selection of food and drinks, or you can come for a browse and find something to read for pleasure. I find that doing this this really helps un-block your head from a study slump, because you’re letting your brain unwind with something that isn’t an academic textbook (I’ve personally just started Leigh Bardugo’s Ninth House and I’m seriously enjoying it!)

Liquorice Park

This park, located just up from the B1273 (Yarborough Rd) is a really nice natural spot for relaxing, and in my opinion it offers one of the best views of Lincoln you can possibly get!

Granted, the walk up to the view point is a tad steep, but when you get up there it is completely worth it. Especially now the weather’s warming up, it makes it a perfect place to venture to both on your own and with friends, so give it a go!

The Arboretum

Located just off Monk’s Road is the beautiful Arboretum, which in my opinion is just one of the best best natural spots in Lincoln. A walk through this scenic, peaceful space can really help you clear your head if you feel drained or otherwise overwhelmed, and like Liquorice Park it’s a great place to go either by yourself or with friends – with plenty of seating throughout, it’s a wonderful place for just relaxing and letting your head wander.

When it comes to experiencing burnout as a student, it’s all too easy to make yourself feel guilty over being overwhelmed.

However, it’s important for you to know that it is perfectly normal to have times, brief or long, where you feel burned out from studying. In my experience, it’s always best not to force yourself into productivity or work, but to instead be patient with yourself and give yourself time to relax.

Even if that means having a day, or a few days, where you do absolutely nothing, it can genuinely do you the world of good. What is also important to remember is that talking to someone also can be a massive help, whether it be to tutors, friends, family, or student support at the uni.

Asking for help is never wrong, and if you feel like you need it them please do contact Student Wellbeing either by e-mail at studentwellbeing@lincoln.ac.uk or by phone at 01522 886400.

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