Take A Walk in The Park Day

Take A Walk in The Park Day is celebrated annually on the 30th March! What is Take A Walk in…

Take A Walk in The Park Day is celebrated annually on the 30th March!

What is Take A Walk in The Park Day?

This is a day dedicated to encouraging everyone to invest in their health and reconnect with nature!

This day was founded to help people reacquaint themselves with wilder spaces within our civilized world.

What activities could you do whilst visiting a park?

During these walks many people decide to bring cameras to take landscape or wildlife photos, whereas others opt to read whilst enjoying nature’s peace.

Other activities could include: jogging, playing sport, or drawing nature’s beauty.

You could choose to bring a pet along to join you for some exercise.

You could take a picnic blanket and some snacks and have a picnic, either alone to enjoy the tranquillity of nature, or invite some friends or a partner to join you!

What parks are there in Lincoln?

There are many large open spaces and parks in and around Lincoln for you to visit!

Both South and West common are in walking distance from the University Campus, and the other parks can be visited via car or bus.

  • Hartsholme Country Park
  • Boultham Park
  • West Common
  • South Common
  • St Aiden’s Park Nature Reserve

Where will I be going on Take a Walk in the Park day?

My friends and I really enjoy visiting the South common, especially at sunset because the view of the Cathedral and the rest of Lincoln is very beautiful! Also, the wildlife and the horses are really calming. So we will be visiting South common at sunset to mark Take a Walk in the Park day!

During the day, Hartsholme Country park is very scenic and the lake and wildlife, especially the squirrels are charming. Therefore, if we have time, we are planning on catching the bus to Hartsholme Country park.

The parks in Lincoln are very calming places where my friends and I enjoy taking snacks and drinks to take in the surroundings!

What are the benefits of visiting parks?

  • Research shows individuals who regularly visit parks have reportedly better mental- and physical health.
  • Can improve creativity.
  • Can boost your mood.
  • Reduce stress.

What are the benefits of walking?

  • There are therapeutic effects on health.
  • Walking is great as an active recovery workout.
  • No need for fancy equipment, just comfortable shoes!
  • Helps keep joints healthy and steady heart rates.
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