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Single On Valentines

Valentine’s Day is a day meant for celebrating the love we have for those around us, and all the ways…

Valentine’s Day is a day meant for celebrating the love we have for those around us, and all the ways in which they love us in return. However, with Valentine’s Day being heavily focused on the romance side of things, if you’re single it can be far more of a downer than a time for joy. It’s easy to feel left out if everyone around you is all loved-up, and every shop on the high street is promoting special “couples” things all decked out in pink and red. However, Valentine’s Day can easily still be a fun day if you’re single! In this article, I’m going to go into a few things you can do to celebrate the day as a single person.

Treat Yourself

Whilst everyone else in the world is spending their money on their significant other, you can spend your money on yourself! There is absolutely nothing stopping you from walking into a shop and treating yourself to a dozen roses, chocolates, a bath bomb, or fancy alcohol – and there’s definitely nothing wrong with surrounding yourself with everything whilst having a bath and enjoying your favourite takeaway and a good sitcom re-run! Working on loving yourself and seeing your worth can be difficult, but you absolutely deserve it and you will undoubtedly feel all the better for taking the time to do it.

Movie Night

Don’t want to go money-mad, that’s fine too! A more affordable option for your single evening can be a good movie night! The endless choice is all yours – maybe you’re in the mood for classic romances like ‘Pride & Prejudice’ and ‘Sense & Sensibility’, or perhaps a more comedic romance like ‘What’s Your Number?’. However, if you want to keep away from romance being the film’s end result, then I’d definitely recommend ‘Ending’s Beginnings’. Of course, you might just want to binge Star Wars, which is just as valid a choice! Sinking into any kind of fiction can be a really nice way to pass the evening, and distract you need it.

Friend Date

Are you a single person who sees all the fun Valentine’s deals in restaurants and wish you could take advantage of them? Do you have a close friend who is also single? Problem solved! There is nothing stopping you from going on a platonic dinner date just so you can snag really good deals marketed for couples this Valentine’s Day – besides, it’s not like people will be any the wiser! Plus it just gives you a nice opportunity to hang out with a friend, knowing that you’re helping each other to not be lonely during this overly-commercialised time of romance.

At the end of the day though, something that is so important to remember is that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being single on Valentine’s Day, or on any other day of the year for that matter! Perhaps you’ve just been through a breakup, maybe you’re keeping things casual and non-exclusive, or maybe you’re just taking time to focus on yourself. Whatever the reason may be, being single is nothing to ever be ashamed of or embarrassed about, because none of us ever need be defined by our relationships. Remember though, if you are looking for a relationship and you’re nervous that maybe you won’t meet the right person, my advice is just to keep looking. There is love out there for everyone, no matter how long it might take.

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