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Cheap Date Ideas

Having a romantic date does not have to be expensive, it is the company that counts. Often the things that…

Having a romantic date does not have to be expensive, it is the company that counts. Often the things that are priceless are more thoughtful, personal, and demonstrate effort. It is said that nothing is more attractive in a relationship than effort – to have someone show they care for you, think of you, and cherish you. Fortunately, this can be shown with little need for money, perfect for anyone but especially perfect for those at university, when money may be tighter. Rest assured you are still able to enjoy memorable, fun, and romantic dates with your loved one. Below are a few cheap date ideas for you to plan with your loved one.

Pottery painting

This is a sweet, creative, and relatively cheap date to go on with your loved one. Perhaps decorating a mug for one another, meaning every time the other has a cup of tea they will think of you.

Scenic walk

Spend some quality time and go on a beautiful walk hand in hand. This is something so simple but so relaxing and good for the soul. It gives you time to focus on one another, getting to know each other better, whilst taking in the countryside. This could involve ending up at a little café, feeding some ducks, or watching the sunset. For the dog lovers, you could even borrow a pooch to walk for the day, for those first dates this could be a perfect ice breaker.

Pizza making

Knead some dough, grate the cheese, and gather all your date’s favourite pizza toppings to create a delicious dinner, you could even make them in the shape of a heart to be extra cute. This is a very wholesome activity to do with one another.

Plan your futures

For the couples out there, buy a joint lottery ticket and spend an evening envisaging your potential lives together. Open Rightmove and find your dream home, decide upon your pets, your cars, your holidays etc. It is a lovely way to have some fun, get to know your partner better, and have a laugh.

Wine and dine

Everyone loves to be wined and dined, it shows effort! Plan a 3-course meal around their favourite food and drink, put on some music, lay out the table, light a candle and enjoy a lovely meal together.

Movie night

Snuggle up on the sofa and watch a film together, ensure you have blankets, popcorn, and hot chocolates at the ready.


Make a picnic basket with all of their favourite snacks and enjoy each other’s company in the fresh air.

Gift a date jar

Why not go on all of these dates by making a date jar? This is a fun and endearing way to show how much you care for someone. Simply, write down date ideas on small pieces of paper and place them into a jar. Now, whenever you and your loved one would like to go on a date, you can pick one out of the jar ♥️ Enjoy!

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