Group of students taking part in the colour run 2017, covered in paint.

Painting Lincoln every colour!

This is a past event which is no longer running. As anyone who knows me will be aware – I…

This is a past event which is no longer running.

As anyone who knows me will be aware – I don’t run. If you see me running it probably means there’s something coming so I’d advise you to run too!

Yet somehow, I find myself sat in my kitchen having just finished my first 5-kilometre Colour Run. By ‘first’ I mean – I did not practise this at all. I meant to, despite the gym membership included in my rent I only managed to make it to the induction…does that count?

Fortunately, this Colour Run is not serious and isn’t timed. Saying that, my flatmates and I did somehow manage to complete the event in just under an hour!

Before starting the run, it felt like a festival, with a group ‘warm up’ being a bit of an excuse for a dance and lots and lots of paint throwing! I think I got enough of a workout from laughing at the state we were all in before we even started.

Luckily, this run was for all fitness types. Which means that it is completely acceptable to walk it. It wasn’t unusual to see people running past you with a friend trailing behind shouting: “How is this a brisk walk?!”

I’ll admit when my group started running I shouted: “For people that don’t exercise, how are you all running so fast?!” I did hear several people laughing at this though, so for the sake of the group’s amusement, I didn’t mind the struggle of trying to keep up.

The course around campus wasn’t too tough and although we walked some of it, we did run as well (especially near cameras and paint throwing sections!) Running the last section of the route from the train tracks to the finish line by the LPAC didn’t exhaust me too much – which I was pleasantly surprised by. Maybe all the walking to and from university (and up Steep Hill) has made me fitter than I thought.

I’m definitely signing up straight away next year! However, I will try to train before the run. Partly because it gives me a goal and an excuse to get fit. Even though walking some of it was fine and a lot of fun, it would be nice to be able to know I could run the whole thing – and possibly challenge for the win! Maybe a bit ambitious at this stage but that’s the goal for third year.

When I woke up this morning I did question why I signed up because I didn’t think I’d be able to do it. But, completing the race and still feeling like I could do another lap has given me much more confidence in my ability to run. I’m glad I did take part, especially as I can now cross it off my bucket list!

It’s definitely an event that you need to experience.

You can follow the Student Colour Run on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to stay tuned for next year!

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