Suitable Study Spaces on-campus in busy hours

Waiting in a long queue to get into the library? Fed up with waiting to be able to study? Here are a few ideas on where you can study other than the library!

As we all know our primary study space: Central Library is now restricted to allow only 240 people inside and that is the reason there is a long queue in the morning hours. This is all because of the damage that occurred to the stairs and fire exit, a few days back. Yes! This 240 thingy is for our own safety.

Queue in the morning time!
Morning hours queueAfternoon hours queueEvening hours queue
20 -40 minutes of waiting 15 -25 minutes of waiting ~15 minutes of waiting

I found out few spaces which are equally suitable and nice to study like the main library.

Bio-Medical Library:

Have you tried before bio-medical library as your study space? If not, give it a try next time; it is made so beautiful with plants and wall designs, that you want to continue studying there even after the restriction in the central library is lifted up. The bio-medical library is on the way from the central library, crossing LPAC and INB, and before you take left or right turn further on your left-hand side.

When I first went inside the Bio-medical library I got surprised by its look and arrangement. Moreover, you will get every facility you used to get in the main library, for example, high-speed internet connection, desktop with charging facilities, group study table, study room, food and drinking water station, well-furnished toilet facilities and so on. My favorite thing in the medical library is the atmosphere which is so friendly for focus and study. I am sure if you go into this library whatever the floor is, though in the 1st has been made for desktop provision, you will find a suitable environment to study and do your assignments.

Do you know that more than 40% of the electrical power consumed in this building is solar power (You may see some black solar panels, placed in the roof if you look up before you enter the building)? It is really appreciable and a good job is done towards sustainability.

INB (Isaac Newton Building):

INB is another study space option that you can try. There is a number of study desk setup available for student in the Atrium in there in the ground floor, which makes INB a good option for study and academic work. In this space, you can attend meetings and group discussions as well. You will find a café at the center where a variety of food and drinks are made available for pupils and staff.  

Minerva Building:

Minerva is so similar to the central library which you would probably enjoy studying in. In Minerva building which is on the Brayford waterfront side, is the official working building of the university. There you will find several places to study for example on the ground floor you can go for a group study and meeting.

1st and 2nd floors are designed for academic lectures and there one can easily find a suitable place to sit with your work and concentrate without any disturbance for sure. You can book a room for your work- like the central library – if you need. My suggestion is if you found a large line or the library is full; go to Minerva and start doing your work instead of just queuing up unnecessarily. I am sure you will definitely find some space in there of your choice.

Nicola De La Haye building:

You will probably encounter this very good shiny study space on the way towards the Medical library near INB, on your right. There is plenty of space to study on the ground floor with couch, table, and chair arrangement. You will find drinking water service along with desk service if you need something to get clear about.  

I tried this space and I personally prefer this space before going into the lecture hall as it is just by INB where my lectures happen to be. The building is full of creative stuff, you will notice if you take a tour around the whole building which can encourage you to do some cool, innovative stuff. So give it a try here as well. The atmosphere is shiny because the side walls are made of transparent glass instead of bricks which makes the space so bright and a good area to study and be in for discussion and chat.

I know the central library is definitely an awesome space to study and discuss and this restriction issue is not for long. So soon the building will accommodate its previous occupancy. Therefore, until then why not try other awesome places, and experience something different (It starts to feel different when the environment becomes different), something new.

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