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Adjusting to life in the UK can mean being unaware of where to get your shopping essentials for the best…

Adjusting to life in the UK can mean being unaware of where to get your shopping essentials for the best value, and the best price! This article accumulates all of the important things you’ll need to help your university life run smoothly, from the kitchen to cleaning essentials.


Getting a whole set of completely new kitchen equipment can quickly add up, and making sure those things are of a good quality is just another task; not to mention having to carry it all home too.

Wilko is a great place for quality products on a budget. It’s located on the High Street beside the Waterside shopping centre and has everything you could need from cleaning products, toiletries, bedding, kitchenware and even room decorations too!

It’s a great place to start since you can get many things in one shop, along with being a great source for cleaning top-ups since Wilko has their own range of extremely cheap, but good value supplies. Buying things like bin liners, foil and disinfectant spray there will save you a lot of money in the long run, compared to shopping at places like Tesco express or Morrisons.

Poundland and Primark

Since there’s just only one Wilko shop in Lincoln, things can run out of stock pretty quickly. Therefore, I’d like to suggest some great alternatives such as Poundland for cleaning products, toiletries, some homeware and food products, as well as Primark for bedding, pillows and duvets. Both of these shops are located on the main High Street and are reasonably priced, allowing for more options whilst still getting a good deal. Primark is also a fantastic option for clothing items and things like fluffy socks and hot water bottles to help deal with the freezing temperatures.

Boots and Superdrug

Although medications can be bought from a lot of different retailers, shops like Boots and Superdrug on the High Street are guaranteed to give the best selection, specifically their own branded products that ensure quality whilst also sparing your bank account. Along with medicine, they also stock toiletries, all of which are fairly priced, whilst also being good options for make-up and hair care too.

The Works

To help with your studies, The Works is a great place to stock up on all things stationary. In addition to being fairly priced and stocking stationary supplies, they’re a great alternative for book lovers, often having lots of good book deals in comparison to more well-known bookshops like Waterstones.

Home Bargains and B&M

Finally, there are shops like Home Bargains and B&M, located a short walk to St. Marks shopping area, (on the same road as Morrisons). These are fantastic options for bulk buying, along with stocking things like cleaning supplies, toiletries and homeware. They offer a wider selection than most High Street stores as they’re quite big and with their large quantise you can often find a bargain too!

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