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Useful & Easy Sewing Projects

With the next academic year coming up, it’s good to find things that can relax you to prepare for upcoming…

With the next academic year coming up, it’s good to find things that can relax you to prepare for upcoming exams and coursework. Sewing is a great way to take your mind off the stresses of the day and you’re learning a useful new skill in the process.

Here, we’ve linked some cheap / affordable patterns ranging from small easy projects to something a little bigger depending on what you want to have a go at. The best part is that you can customise all these to fit your tastes and aesthetics.

Boxy Pencil Case

Instructions here: DIY Pencil Case Tutorial – 3 Easy Styles | TREASURIE

One of the best parts about a new academic year is the excuse to buy more stationery. This pattern is so easy, you could even make it out of an old piece of clothing you no longer use. I also think you could get away with not using a sewing machine for this so it’s a perfect beginner project.

Oven Mitts

Instructions here: How to Make an Oven Mitt (

Instead of using a tea towel and risking your hand in the oven every day, why not make use of this free pattern and make some oven mitts? This does require a sewing machine but is super easy to follow. This would also be good to make out of old clothes you don’t wear or any scrap fabric you have.

Twist Front Top

Instructions here: Twist Front Top – FREE T-shirt Pattern | So Sew Easy (

I have seen people wearing this top left right and centre so why not make it? You can tailor this to be your exact measurements so no more looking endlessly for your actual size. This is also a free pattern; it might be a bit more advanced so if you want more of a challenge. 

Tote Bags

Instructions here: Teacher Tote Bags to Sew in a Flash! {free sewing pattern} (

I love tote bags, they’re such a great accessory for carrying your laptop and other supplies around. And by making it yourself you can make it match your aesthetic and be perfectly unique to your style. 

Practice, practice, practice!

Sewing might sound daunting at first but it’s such a good skill to have! Think of all the socks you’ll be able to fix now. With these easy patterns, you’ll be able to learn the basics of sewing, and one day have fun creating your own designs. 

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