How to be a good flatmate

Student accommodation becomes our home away from home, with our flatmates being almost like the second family. This is why…

Student accommodation becomes our home away from home, with our flatmates being almost like the second family. This is why it’s so important to have a good relationship with them! As a third year student, I’ve lived with several different people so far and I’d like to share some of my top tips on how to be a good flatmate!

Always clean up after yourself

Whether you’re cooking dinner in the kitchen or taking a shower and there’s suddenly water all over the place – it’s super important to always clean up after yourself. You certainly wouldn’t want to deal with somebody else’s mess, and the same goes for your flatmates. 

Talk about your schedules

Talk to your flatmates about how your day-to-day schedules usually look like. For example, find out what time they need to get up so you don’t run the risk of blocking the bathroom if they need to leave the house in 5 minutes. 

Do things together

It’s super important to feel comfortable in the place you live in, but this can be hard if you barely know your flatmates. Therefore, you can organise some fun activities together to get to know each other better. And who knows? Maybe you will all become best friends!

Set boundaries and be mindful of one another

When sharing a flat with other people, it’s incredibly important to talk about your expectations and personal boundaries whilst being mindful of one another. For example, ask your flatmates how they feel about inviting people over. Or discuss whether they’re okay with you playing music on your speakers. Whatever you do, remember that you’re not living alone and you need to respect other peoples’ space.

Decide what to share

You certainly don’t want to steal your flatmate’s food, but it is a good idea to share some things such as frying pans, airers and so on. That way, you will save not only money but also space in your house so discuss how each of you can contribute!

Be open for communication

If something is bothering you, communicate it with your flatmates. Or if you need to borrow something that belongs to them – ask for permission beforehand. Communication is key for solving any disputes or just simply getting to know each other so make sure you don’t shy away from that!

Don’t expect everything to be perfect

Of course, all the above steps are super important when living with other people but it’s also crucial to practice empathy and not to expect perfection. For example, if your flatmate forgets about their turn to take out the bins or accidentally leaves a dirty mug in the living room – be understanding. You’re sharing the house with other people and not everything will be done exactly your way. Maybe your housemate just had a really bad day, or they were simply too busy to wash their dishes in the morning. Instead, talk to them and show they can count on you. This way, you will contribute to creating a homely and friendly environment in which you all can thrive together. 

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