Self-love this summer – a guide on how NOT to care!

Summer is on its way! It may not feel like it sometimes, but it is getting closer and for some of us that may come with the dread of wearing summer clothes. If, like me, you hate the thought of getting your arms and legs out during summer then carry on reading for some advice on how to enjoy your summer and wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and still summery.

This feels like an impossible task. To try and overcome your fears and be confident just in time for summer – but it doesn’t have to be like that. You can take it in steps – and at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what you wear or how you look, it is who you spend your time with and make memories with that makes all the difference.

The first thing we need to remember is that in reality, no one cares. No one will look at you and think ‘they shouldn’t be wearing that’ or ‘they look bad’. People generally just care about what they are doing and may even be scared themselves about what people are thinking of them. Whilst this is hard to remember when you are out, it is true. People will not care what you are wearing or if you have your legs out. And by the time you’ve passed them, you’ll have forgotten all about them anyway. Also, worst case scenario and someone is mean enough to think or even say things that will bring you down – who cares! That tells more about them than it does you.

Another point to remember, is that everyone has insecurities. If you are worried about your cellulite or stretch marks just remember that almost everyone has them and they make you who you are. It is normal for your body to have marks and to show wear and tear – this proves that you have been enjoying yourself and treating your body well. Don’t be ashamed to wear clothes that show cellulite or stretch marks as it is likely that no one will even care about it. At the end of the day, it is important to remember to wear clothes that you feel comfortable in when it gets hotter – and you are allowed to wear clothes that will show your cellulite and scars if this is what you need to do to enjoy summer.

If you don’t feel comfortable to wear strappy tops or short clothes, then that’s ok! Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable in – it is no one’s place to judge you for that. There are plenty of clothes that can be summery and keep you cool whilst still covering you up. Don’t feel as though you have to wear clothes that you don’t want to because other people are wearing dresses or shorts. Wear what you want to wear and put yourself first unconditionally. Ultimately, your friends and family would prefer you were comfy and enjoying yourself than conscious.

It will get hot during summer and you are allowed to wear swimming costumes regardless of your size or your scars. You are allowed to wear shorts and go in paddling pools and go to the beach with your friends. It is your summer and you can spend it however you wish. Don’t let other people’s opinions tear you down during summer – it is not worth it. If you want to wear something – wear it. If you don’t feel comfortable, that is ok too – do whatever you want to feel at your best self.

Finally, let this be a reminder that if you see people with scars or stretch marks etc, not to comment on them. You do not know what people are comfortable talking about and may not want to talk about their body. Even if you mean no harm, it might not be taken that way.

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