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Being in Robotics School

Hey, my name is Ayaan and I am studying MSc Robotics and Autonomous Systems here at the University of Lincoln.…

Hey, my name is Ayaan and I am studying MSc Robotics and Autonomous Systems here at the University of Lincoln. It feels like a dream come true after a long journey. Being in Robotics school is not only rewarding but also requires an incredible amount of patience. Studying robotics is something that requires experience and sufficient knowledge to get into the high-level tech field. Congratulations if you have made it. A huge and new exciting adventure is waiting for you.

What does studying Robotics entail?

You have the opportunity to see robots moving around you with their own intelligence and route lines without bothering you. Interesting? Yes, you may have the opportunity to interact with real-time advanced robots (Social robots) which are classified as the most advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) robots, with the ability to interact with human. How does it feel talking to robots in our own language? In our university, there is a robot prototype named Lindsey who can talk with humans in English. This kind of robot has a special ability which is called Natural Language Processing (NLP) power in robotics. I am so proud to say that our School of Robotics and LCAS (Lincoln Center for Autonomous Systems) own this prototype. You will be able to meet Lindsey and talk to her at the Lincoln Museum.

The best thing about studying

When I came here to Lincoln I was very optimistic about my school, which falls under Computer Science and Engineering department in the University. I am very glad to say that I enjoyed the whole course and the given assignments and have been able to work with my professors and classmates to the fullest. For me, it passed like a few weeks while it was a one-year-long course. It flew so fast but I enjoyed every moment from the core of my heart.

I met my classmates and we became good friends. We hung out together, had drinks and food together. We shared our life experiences and culture which I think and consider to be the most important thing being in university; making life-long friends and memories to share in the future. We helped each other with our coursework and tackled submission deadlines together. We had to go through tough and tense situations but we made it enjoyable and delightful together. I believe every school in our university provides students with a similar kind of experience, as students work together towards achieving academic excellence as well as personal development.

 I highly recommend the university and School of Computer Science and Engineering – especially to those who want to build a career in robotics. There are tons of life-changing opportunities are awaiting you. If you’re interested in dealing with real-time robots and robotics has been something you’ve always wanted to try, have some courage and apply. All the best and good luck, see you in school!

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