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Making the most of the British weather

A British student’s advice to international students

A useful phrase to learn when coming to study in the UK is “it’s raining cats and dogs!” and other such variations of “Its raining”. Also, a useful thing for you to buy (and then I suggest you have one available at all times since the weather here can change very quickly) is … you guessed it, an umbrella!

The British weather is … interesting. Unfortunately we get A LOT of rain and not so much sunshine (depending on the time of year). However, you must not let the weather stop you from having fun. If you wait for the perfect weather here in the UK then you might be waiting a long time. So, regardless of the weather, make sure to get out and about and have lots of fun (and don’t forget that umbrella!)

As well as the rain, the short windows of sunlight experienced during the UK autumn and winter months can be a struggle for some people. Often you will be waking up in the dark and walking home from the end of your university day in the dark … a bit depressing.

But, especially in the build-up over December for the Christmas holidays, the darkness can actually be quite magical. For instance, The University of Lincoln’s Student’s Union is decorated in lots of pretty fairy lights over winter and looks wonderful.

The famous cathedral is illuminated – sometimes in different colours – and looks fantastic. The High Street is full of toasty warm independent cafes where you can go for a well needed hot drink and whom tend to expand their menus during the colder spells and sell more quirky drinks (so things with more experimental and interesting flavours like cinnamon and nutmeg, or more intense chocolate portions).

When the sun does make an appearance then Lincoln is a gorgeous place to be. We have lots of green spots to go relax in. West Common and South Common Park are great places to go. These are spots for horses to graze.

The Arboretum is another hidden gem – there is even a maze there. If you fancy it, you can hop on a short bus ride to Whisby Nature Park (a Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust asset) and explore the trial paths and bird observation platforms.

You will know if it is a good weather day when all of us locals have got our shorts and sunglasses on!

By Lydia Gallyer-Barnett, BA (Hons) Business Economics student

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