How to stay safe whilst drinking

According to NUS, 79% of students drink (albeit at home or going out to drink). Although Lincoln is an incredibly safe city to go out in, just like all places there are risks to going out intoxicated. Here are my tips on how to stay safe when going out, and all the information you need that you may not have been aware of!

Turn your location on

Whether it’s something simple like turning on your Snapmap on Snapchat or sharing your live location on WhatsApp with family/friends, it will act as a safety backup if anything was to happen. There is also the app ‘Hollie Guard’ which was created by the Hollie Gazzard Trust (HGT) in honour of Hollie Gazzard to prevent domestic abuse and knife crime.


Security on hand

The university has on campus security 24/7. If you’re living in university-owned accommodation, they also have on-site security 24/7. They typically patrol campus on both foot and via van (for emergencies) and can act as an out-of-hours point of contact. You can also request security online, if you’ve lost your key or want to replace a lock, etc. 

If you are in need of on-campus security’s number, it is 01522 886062. 

Cup covering

Invest in a cup cover like a NightCap (a scrunchie that turns into a cup cover). In 2020, there were believed to have been 1,400 spiking incidences in England and Wales alone. By covering your cup, never leaving it unattended, and only drinking your own drink that you’ve purchased, can significantly reduce the chances of drink spiking. Some bars even give out cup covers and drink stoppers. The SU even purchased a trial number of NightCaps because of a SUggestion and due to the success are looking into buying some more.

General advice

Try to walk back with a housemate or a friend. Just so you’re not alone and to keep each other company late at night, it’s better to be with someone in case of an emergency. If you’re feeling unsafe and your journey is just that little bit longer, ring a registered cab company instead of walking down dark alleys to get home. If you do walk back home, stick to main streets with as much lighting as possible. Travel with a personal safety alarm with you. Keep one in your bag or pocket just as a precaution. 

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