Applying for Jobs and Handling Rejection in the Job Market

Whether you are applying for a job while you study or preparing for jobs once graduating, applications and handling rejections can be difficult, so making sure you’re prepared is really important.

In terms of applying for a job, there are always a few key things you should remember.

  1. Make sure your CV is organised and clearly set out – don’t forget you can get support from the Careers and Employability team at the university.
  2. Give yourself enough time to fill out the application – don’t rush it, you need to make sure it is accurate and doesn’t have any spelling errors
  3. Remember to speak to the people you intend to add to your application as referees before you add them
  4. Make sure you answer everything needed on the application
  5. Check your contact details are correct on your application

If you are rejected after applying for a job, here are some tips:

  1. Don’t be disheartened – not all jobs are right for everyone
  2. Ask for advice following your interview – not all employers will offer this but it is worth asking and hearing their thoughts and areas for improvement
  3. Take into account and reflect on the advice you were given and use this when applying for the next job – it will really help you when you are completing your application and if you get an interview
  4. Keep your options open – don’t limit yourself to just applying for a single job, apply for everything you find interesting!
  5. Stay positive! There will be something out there for you, keep applying, reflecting and persevering
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