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Camping must-dos and must-haves

Knowing what to take when you go camping can be difficult, especially if you’ve never been before. Aside from the basics (tent/sleeping bag/roll mats etc.), here are a few things you should definitely think about taking camping but may not have thought of.

What to pack:

  1. First Aid kit – this one seems pretty obvious but is easily forgotten, and an absolute essential! You can buy pre-packed first aid kits, or build your own.
  2. Lamp or torch 
  3. Portable charger – you may not be planning on using your phone much while camping, but it is important to keep it charged in case of an emergency.
  4. Toiletries – if you are camping on a site with toilets and showers, take a small bag of toiletries. Think about how long you are camping and try to take only what you need. It may also be a good idea to take your own toilet paper, just in case the site doesn’t have any/runs out!
  5. Kettle (and tea bags!) – Whether it’s to make a cuppa in the morning or a quick and easy evening meal. If you are taking a camping stove you can boil water on that in a kettle or pan, otherwise, look into other ways to boil water.
  6. Clothes for ALL weather – we all know how unpredictable UK weather can be, so make sure you take plenty of layers to wrap up warm in, as well as sunscreen and a hat, a waterproof coat and a pair of shoes.
  7. Playing cards
  8. Non-perishable food – try to make sure none of your food is perishable, or if it is perishable make sure to eat it as soon as possible to avoid it going off. You will also need to make sure you have something to eat off of and a method for washing up. 

In order to make your packing easier, try to avoid packing one thing for everything. If you can, pack items that can be used for multiple purposes as this will keep your packing light and simple. 

For more ideas of what to take, Camping In The Forest has put together an extensive list of essentials here to check out.

Must-dos to ensure you have the best camping trip possible:

  • Before you go, check the rules of the place you are staying. For example, some campsites don’t allow fires at all, others have designated campfire areas. Make sure you know what you are allowed to do before you leave and plan accordingly. If you cannot have a fire, think about what you will be eating and how you will cook it. 

Activities to try:

  • Check the surrounding area for designated hiking/bike trails
  • Play hide and seek in the dark – one of the best games to play while camping, just be careful!
  • Stargazing – the light pollution is bound to be far lower, especially if you are in a campsite near a forest or away from the city, take advantage of it!

Check out Tash’s article on the best activities to try while camping this year!

Before you leave, make sure you are leaving the area as you found it. Don’t leave any rubbish or equipment you no longer want. If you do have a fire, clean up after it as much as possible and make sure it is completely out.

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