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Top camping activities for this summer!

With the travel restrictions on holidays this year, staying closer to home for staycations are on the cards for the…

With the travel restrictions on holidays this year, staying closer to home for staycations are on the cards for the summer. Camping particularly is a really covid-safe option, as well as a whole load of fun! In this list, I’m going to break down some of the best camping activities and games to try out next time you and your mates head out camping.

Stargazing and night-time walks!

Getting out of towns and being able to enjoy the night in a completely different and often safer-feeling way is one of the best parts of camping! Set up outside your tent and spot constellations together or go for a walk and enjoy the quiet of nighttime in a new place.


Making yourselves a campfire is a quintessential camping activity, and they really make a holiday feel like a proper camping trip. Gather up all the wood and twigs you can and some stones for the edges to give your fire a make-shift hearth and gather around!

Campfire cooking!

From roasting marshmallows for smores to making yourselves a full dinner over the fire, cooking over a campfire is a camping classic! Test out how creative you can get (while being careful as it is a fire after all) with the open fire, you could even have a cook-off to see who makes the best campfire cuisine!

Look around you and get involved!

What little features of where you are can you make part of your holiday? Are you by a lakeside, in a forest or a near town or city you’ve never been to before? Try skipping stones or a swim if you’re brave enough, walk through the forest or make your way into town and see what’s waiting for you there!

Get creative!

Have a think about the space you’ll have at your campsite and how you can make it work for you in even more ways. For example, why not bring some camping chairs and a small portable projector and use the side of your tent to have a movie screening under the stars! There are so many gadgets out there that can help you have an even better time, or way to make use of the bits you always find at a campsite to help you out, see what you can make!

For more ideas why not check out George’s article on Camping in Lincolnshire here on Student Life.

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