Escape Rooms in Lincoln

I have taken part in two escape rooms in Lincoln throughout my studies and both have been with the company…

I have taken part in two escape rooms in Lincoln throughout my studies and both have been with the company Escape Lincoln.

Escape Lincoln has a variety of games which range in difficulty and theme, for instance Sherlock Holmes, to Contagion.


I myself, with friends, have completed the Prisoner Escape room where we, as a group, had an hour to escape a prison cell, go through to the medical room and source a key and code to escape!

The room was very interesting with various forms of clues and puzzles to solve which meant the game was very interactive!

The employee at Escape Lincoln was very helpful and provided us with additional clues through a screen to give additional help during tricky puzzles, to ensure we maintained our interest in the game.

There were prisoner jumpsuits we could choose to wear to add to the experience, the hour was a really fun activity for us to do as friends as we were able to support each other and laugh our way through to solve the escape room!

Chain Saw Massacre

This experience was very intense but exciting at the same time! It was horror-themed whereby we had to collect three severed heads and place them into a locked room.

This room is especially interactive as an employee at Escape Lincoln will actively participate through prison bars or peep holes to attempt to scare you!

This room is perfect for anyone who loves horror films or jump scares, I would definitely recommend it!

This room did not have any outfits to wear but it definitely immerses you into the horror environment right away as one member is separated immediately and placed in a room handcuffed to the wall with a dummy dead body!


Escape Lincoln is spread out over two sites, so it is important to check the location of which room you have booked.

The first sight is at Sessions House on Monks Road, whereas the second location is at Vulcan Park.

I advise double checking as my group was unaware of the two sites and arrived at the wrong one for our escape room!

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