The front of Doddington Hall
Doddington Hall

Top 3 historic sites in Lincoln

Lincoln is full of interesting historical sites from all manor of time periods from Roman to the World Wars Some of the sites are still there and open for you to visit and reflect on the history of Lincoln. Here are the picks for the top 3 historical sites across Lincoln!

Doddington House

Doddington house is an Elizabethan manor house located just on the very edge of Lincoln. Finished being built in 1600 by the esteemed Elizabethan architect Robert Smythson, the manor is still occupied and has been lived in continuously for 400 years. Surviving many generations, the estate offers a view into life in the manor house through the years and has an interesting array of furniture and possessions left from each generation. The house is also surrounded by acres of wild gardens open for public viewing. Interestingly, it has been told that the ghost of a girl who passed away on the grounds can be heard screaming at a certain point in the garden. The house has also featured on TV on the show “An American Aristocrat’s Guide to Great Estates”. Today both the hall and the gardens are available for the public to visit by booking tickets on the official website here.

The Roman Lincoln Trail

During the Roman occupation of Britain, a legionary fortress was built during the period AD50-60 and the City of Lincoln was known formally as Lindum Colonia. It is thought to be concurrent with the rule of Emperor Nero (58-68 AD). The trail, which mainly wraps around the top of steep hill, goes through four gateways which were built to go in and out of the fortress. The trail takes you amongst the remnants of the archaic roman city, with one of the most interesting artefacts being the countries only remaining roman arch which traffic now runs underneath. If you follow the trail today it will lead you towards The Collection museum which houses roman artefacts found around Lincoln. If you’re interested to learn more about the History of Lindum Colonia and the Trail follow this link.

The International Bomber Command Centre

Looking over the city of Lincoln, the International Bomber Command Centre (IBCC) is a place of recognition and tribute to the Bomber Command in WWII. Lincoln was chosen to house the site due to over a third of all Bomber Command stations being housed in the county. The centre was developed to serve as a place recognition and remembrance for those who lost their lives. It offers the opportunity to get to know the stories of those who were affected by the bombing command, provides the most extensive record of the Bomber Command in the world, and is one of the tallest war memorials in the UK. You can also tour around the peace gardens as well as visiting the exhibition galleries. It offers an immersive look into what life was like serving on the aircrew or supporting the bomber command.

Lincoln is a county full of a rich history which dates back centuries, hopefully these examples will interest you no matter what historical period most interests you!

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