Three people holding their drinks together. Two are regular coffees, and one is an iced coffee.

Having fun sober

If you are a young person at university you may be struggling with how to balance socialising and having fun with drinking.

There is a lot of pressure on young people, especially university students, to drink as their main form of socialising; some people may not enjoy that…and that is completely okay!

Drinking is not for everybody, and this article will hopefully give you some pointers, to some nice places you can hang out with friends and have fun without alcohol.

Odeon Cinema

Although famous for being a little pricey, the local cinema in town has such a wide range of exciting films available for you to watch! So whatever your preferred film genre, you will definitely find something worth your while to watch.

Red Panda Gaming Cafe

This is a lovely little cafe in town filmed to the brim with board games! Every game you can imagine is in this place and I can guarantee you will not get bored. Coffee and Cluedo…what more could you want?

Coffee Cats

This is the new cat cafe in town centre! Filled with lots of adorable cats, you can get an hour of happiness to sit with friends, drink a hot chocolate, and cuddle a bunch of cats. It’s the perfect way to relieve the stresses of the uni week that may be weighing you down. Amazing right?


The well renowned bookstore branch has a lovely cafe at the top of it. If you like a warm cuppa and a good book, this shop is calling your name!

The Little Pottery Shop

This quaint little place allow you to paint and make a range of objects to take home and enjoy. As well as being a perfect creative outlet, it is a lovely place for socialising with your friends and chilling out, whilst also making something you can keep forever!

Coffee shops

Lincoln is full of coffee shops, with ones such as Cafe Aroma offering a big student discount! Whether you’re ordering a latte or a panini, cafe dates are great for a fun sober option to catch up and begin the day right!


No matter what anyone thinks, never pressure yourself to drink because there is so much fun to be had sober. These are just a few examples of all of the fun, exciting things happening in Lincoln and I’m sure there are many more! (If you find a hidden gem that I haven’t mentioned, make sure to leave it in the comments below.)

If you were wanting to go on a night out, but not drink, why not check out Emily’s video about enjoying a night out without alcohol!

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