Promoting Healthy Relationships

Relationships are complicated things, they require work from both parties on a regular basis and are not static, people change and these changes may also require changes in how you respond to one another. Healthy relationships are the ideal for most people, but in order to promote these kinds of bonds in your own life, you need to consciously put effort into them and in doing so this may encourage others around you to do the same. Here are a few suggestions exploring how you might work towards promoting healthy and successful relationships.

Good communication

Although it can seem like a bit of a clich√© to talk about communicating your feelings, it is something that is harder than it may seem. Our feelings are personal to us so relaying them to somebody else can be challenging and even feel impossible at times, however by doing so we are able to explain to somebody what we like or dislike in the relationship, what can stay the same, or what could change. The key to this process is reciprocation from both parties, and important to note is that somebody totally unwilling to participate might be somebody who is not quite right for you, especially if their actions are negatively affecting you even after you have tried to communicate proactively. Healthy relationships come from within, if you have the will to develop a relationship positively or to even fix a relationship that may be tarnished you are on the right track. Good communication, however, is something that is learned with experience and it may take you time to get good at expressing yourself confidently, this shouldn’t worry you as it is just a part of growing as a person and becoming more conscious of your feelings.

Active listening

As well as expressing feelings, it is also important that we listen to our partners or our friends. For example, if somebody you have a relationship with is telling you about what a stressful day they have had at work the most healthy response would be to let them know you have been fully listening by offering them comfort or advice, if it’s a romantic partner in this scenario you might offer to cook that evening or just simply ask them if there is anything that you can do for them. Not only does this create a sense of comfort for that person, but it also reminds them that you really care and respect what they have to say, it can be something quite difficult to do however because we do all get caught up in our own lives sometimes but this is something which is so simple but adds an added layer of reciprocity within your relationships which is important.

Setting time aside

Life can get busy and sometimes this can have an impact on how often we see loved ones, therefore it is important to ensure you make an effort to create time for them. Seeing people more often and making them feel wanted helps to build a sense of trust in knowing that you’ll see each other on a somewhat regular basis. Even if it’s not always possible to make plans as often as you would like, it is always good to plan ahead even if it’s some way into the future. For a lot of people, your time is more important than what you do and relationships this time to grow, improve and become more meaningful in the process. Healthy relationships could be thought of as a stack of books where each book represents something that has been put into the relationship whether that is time or effort or anything else, as the pile of books increases so does the strength of the relationship, but both people in the relationship must be stacking the same amount of books.

Healthy relationships take time and effort, but given the right mindset, these relationships can be achieved. Hopefully, the points outlined are encouraging and inspiring tips to help you along towards healthier and happier relationships.

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