World Stationery Day!

The 21st of April is World Stationery Day, a day the organisers describe as a way to celebrate writing and help keep handwritten letters, notes and creative pieces as a part of life in spite of technology becoming more and more prominent. Celebrating World Stationery Day can be as open and creative as you like! All you need is to gather some supplies and see what you can write or make, but to get you started, here are a couple of ideas.

One of the easiest ideas and one at the core of World Stationery Day is writing a card or a letter. Getting a handwritten letter is really special and lets you know someone’s thinking about you, and putting together a little note or card to send off to someone you care about is a really sweet gesture. You could take it a little further too and put together a letter box gift; the only rules for these little care packages is that they have to fit through a letterbox, other than that you can write, draw, make and package whatever you like!

Another way to get involved, as a student, could be switching up how you take your notes. Research has suggested that when you write by hand while you’re studying or planning something academic it can help engage your brain and retain more information. So, particulalry if you’re used to using your laptop, trying out some new stationery and seeing what else might help you learn and study better could be a great way to join in and help yourself out.

Equally, World Stationery Day is the perfect time for starting a new mindfulness diary or a bullet journal. Journals like these can be customised for whatever you want using whatever you can think of! Our writer Kirsty has written a whole article on Bullet Journaling if you want to know how to get your own started! Click here to give it a read!

Loads of stationery shops offer student discounts, including Waterstones, Paperchase, Hobbycraft and WHSmith, and even more are bound to pop up around the 21st, so if you want to get ready for Wold Stationery Day keep an eye out!

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