Focusing on yourself this Valentine’s

Whether you’re in a relationship or on your own this Valentine’s, it’s important that every now and then you focus on your mental health. This coming Valentine’s, why not take the time out to dedicate the day to you? Here are my tips on how to pamper yourself, this Valentine’s!

Have a night in!

Go out and treat yourself to a pamper kit; face masks, bath bombs, creams and lotions. Draw a bath and have a pamper night. Put on a tv show or film that you like, pop on a face mask and relax. I personally like to avoid social media during nights like this, as well as anything to do with uni work (I know Valentine’s is in the middle of deadline season but if you aim to meet a personal target beforehand, it will put your mind at ease). If you’re into gaming, have a night playing video games or alternatively spend it with your flatmates having a board game night!

Go out with friends

Have a ‘Galentine’s’ or a ‘Valentine’s’ instead! Spend your evening with your friends, book a meal out just the few of you and enjoy a couple of drinks with it. Why not go to the cinema, or take part in something like an escape room. Why not get your frustration out as a group and go axe throwing? There’s a new and local axe throwing company just a 25 minute walk away from campus called ‘Axed Lincoln’ – I would strongly recommend it!

Sometimes during populated holidays like Valentine’s Day when there are certain social expectations, the best thing for you to do is to surround yourself with friends. Even if it’s just FaceTiming your family, or friends from back home, the company will be worth it.

Remember it’s just another day

Valentine’s Day is just another day. This year it happens to be a Monday in the middle of the exam period. Although there are expectations, don’t feel the pressure to take part. It’s a modernised day dedicated to romance where in theory, there aren’t any direct benefits from it (unlike Christmas or Easter where you’ve got the joy of spending time with family).

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