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Solution focused based therapy approach

Imagine a miracle happened…

Solution focused based therapy approach believes we all have ability within us to overcome challenges. It invites us to think about the future. It directs us towards our goals. A ‘miracle question’ is a key technique used in this approach, which asks of us to think of a scenario and answer a question:

‘Imagine while you were sleeping at night a miracle occurred and took away all of your worries. When you wake up in the morning, what are some of the things you notice that tell you your worries are gone?’

Imagining the future and connecting it to the present, makes us look past our challenges to focus on our possibilities. This question helps us establish our goals. It helps envision how we want to feel. It helps us realise what steps we need to take to move forward from where we are.  

Let’s consider an example: 

‘I wake up on a Sunday morning. At night a miracle happened. I notice I feel calm and relaxed, not stressed and worried. I am enjoying my cup of coffee and filling my days with activities. Today I will go for a run. I will cook a Sunday roast. And I will have a long bath. I turn on my laptop and I see the impossible happened. All my assignments are submitted on time.’ 

Here we can see that the goal is to feel calm and relaxed and to have time to do pleasure activities. What is stopping us from it is our workload. Now we can realise we need to focus on our time management skills in order to do the things we want and to feel the way we want to feel. 

With the current situation, we are put under extra pressure. Our student life is different. We have to adapt to new ways of studying. It is challenging and can leave us feeling anxious, frustrated or unmotivated. 

Now it is the time to think of the future. It is time to find hope. It is time to realise it is only us that will overcome those challenges.  

What are your hopes for the future? 

Hope motivates us. Hope tell us to keep going. Hope tells us we can do it. Hope tells us we are worth it. Hope tells us to never give up. 

Think of your strengths and abilities. Hope is linked to our self-esteem. The better we feel about ourselves the more hopeful we are about the future. When in doubt think of everything you achieved so far and ask yourself:

  • How have I coped so far?
  • Why did I get offered a place on my course?
  • Why did I achieve desired grades? 

Find gratitude and believe in yourself.

The Verve sings – ‘How many corners do I have to turn? How many times do I have to learn, all the love I have is in my mind?’ These lyrics are a reminder for us that we have all it takes for our dreams to come true. 

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