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The best coffee shops in Lincoln

Coffee shops give out a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere that surrounds the customers with a soothing aroma as soon as you step into the shop. I am certainly a café enthusiast because of the drinks and the individual designs of each coffee house. They will always be my go-to place whenever I need a comfortable place to chill alone or be with some friends. Here are my three top cafes that you can find in Lincoln!

200 Degress

If you would only allow me to recommend one café in Lincoln, it would be 200 Degrees! It is a nice-looking local chain business on Sincil Street with a very welcoming atmosphere. Some couches are placed near a cosy ‘fireplace’ area which is great for guests to kick back and relax after a hard day with a delicious hot drink. The roasts of Nottingham’s Roast House provide their distinctive, freshly roasted coffee, made with specialised hand-roasted beans, which sets this café apart from the rest. Furthermore, they provide a range of coffee options that are rarely seen in typical coffee shops, such as Matcha Latte, Spanish Latte, Chai Latte etc. Aside from beverages, a selection of cakes, sweet delights and meals are available for takeout or dine-in. It is a great and quiet area to work or study because of its tranquil feel with some soothing musical backdrop and, of course, several power outlets accessible for your requirements. It is undoubtedly my first pick if I want a nice little chat with a cup of coffee.  

Coffee Aroma

One of the best 10 coffee houses in the UK is at Guildhall Street by High Street in Lincoln. It is a petite shop that offers a variety of single-origin beans and is the place for you if you want something more distinctive and unique. The shop skilfully makes high-quality coffee, which has impressed many customers including professional drinkers. Filter coffee is also available at the bar. Beverages can also be paired with a range of cakes and treats. The gorgeous presentation and atmosphere radiate an odd but homely aura. The cafe has acoustic nights with singers performing outside the shop, creating a pleasant environment on a lovely night. Although the pricing range for this cafe may be a little costly for students, Coffee Aroma is unquestionably unique and worthy of the name. 

Caffe Nero

Finally, Caffe Nero is a treasure whose coffee I recently fell in love with. It is located on St Mark’s Square. It promotes the Italian lifestyle with its traditional Italian coffee made from authentic Italian recipes and premium ingredients. Because it is on the main street, excellent light shines into the stores which bring a mellow and warm feel. It is in the city centre and on the route to university, which is a huge advantage for students wishing to get a quick coffee at a student-friendly price before going into campus!

By Kai Yuan Leong, BSc Pharmaceutical Science student from Malaysia.

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