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Online learning: how to stay engaged

Sometimes, with the new ways of the world, we find ourselves unmotivated, and finding it difficult to concentrate in class when we have all the distractions of our accommodation surrounding us. If that’s the case, follow these simple tips to become more engaged with online classes, and to make the most out of your sessions.

Get Out of Bed!

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Don’t just wake up ten minutes before your lecture, rush down a cup of tea and whack on any old jumper over the top of your pyjamas (if it seems a little too specific, don’t question it…) Instead, try giving your body time to wake up properly. Take care of yourself, have a shower, have a substantial breakfast and fuel your body for the day ahead. You’ll be more awake, alert and prepared for your seminar.

Find a Work Environment

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Make sure you’re keeping your work life separate from your down-time. Don’t wake up, do the lecture in bed, and then switch to Netflix as soon as it’s over. Sit at your desk when you’re working, or move into the living room when you’re relaxing. Create a safe space for you to go to when work gets too much, and don’t contaminate that space with a heavy workload!

Staying Engaged in Class

Put any distractions, such as your phone, far away from your desk so that you can focus on your seminar. Make sure that you close the online shopping tabs you have open and put away your gaming equipment. Make it impossible for you to do anything but make notes and actively contribute to class. Trust me, it’s so much easier to concentrate once you actual start listening and paying attention, time will fly by.

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Making the Most Out of Your Online Sessions

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Now’s the time to knuckle down and get some serious work done. We’re all coming up to the final few weeks and soon enough your deadlines will be only a short moment away. So, grab a pen, or a keyboard and write down anything that is useful to your studying. If you end up with no notes by the end of the session, don’t panic, just do a bit of further reading and use the handouts/links provided during the seminar to the best of your ability. Try to organise your notes so that you know what to do for each of your deadlines, and what to concentrate on first.

Most importantly, make sure you’re keeping hydrated and giving your eyes a break from screen time. This will reduce headaches, and keep you feeling more productive, ultimately reducing your time spent at a desk! Make sure you are getting enough exercise in and going for walks (social distanced of course) everyday. And don’t forget, if your student accommodation internet isn’t up to scratch, the library is available, just grab your best set of headphones and use the campus wifi to your advantage.

Stay safe, and fuel your body. Ensure you’re treating yourself to a bit of self-care whilst keeping on top of those all important deadlines!

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