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Finding motivation for studying is hard, especially in the winter, with the dark nights and shorter days. But don’t worry, there are ways through it!

Listen to music

Listening to music is a great way to get you through! Find a playlist on your phone or even listen to your favourite radio station! Even if it gets you in the groove, it puts you in a positive frame of mind to get that mountain of work done! Plus, before you know it, that mountain of work will only be what people call a mole-hill! Listen to whatever gets you through, if it works for me, I am positive it can work for others! (Personally, I prefer Heart 80’s)


Yes, it sounds basic, but it does work! If you look at what you must do, organise the deadlines in order and prioritise what comes first. OR you could even prioritise by what you find easier! The stuff you enjoy doing should be easier and you should find that you get it done quicker than other modules!


Yoga is nice as it helps to meditate and organise your thoughts. A moment’s peace, or longer can help ease the stress of upcoming deadlines. Or even doing some other sports such as football can help. It eases the stress and means that you can come back to that work with even more motivation than before.

Reward yourself

By this I mean, every 100 or 200 words you get done, you can reward yourself to a sweet treat! It also means that once you have a thousand words down it only means that you are so many thousands or hundreds of words until you get to the conclusion and then – the end (Doesn’t that sound sweet?!)

Get rid of technology you don’t need

Getting rid of your phone for an hour or two isn’t the be all and end all here (See what I did there? No? No?) Okay! But seriously, ditching your phone for a couple of hours will help. It gives you the motivation to think, ‘Two hours without my phone, will give me two extra hours of study that I otherwise might not have.’ Seriously, try it!

I hope with these tips you can find the motivation to get your essays done. We are all in the same boat and we all know it is hard to claw your way to the end of the semester.


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