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Making time for yourself during lockdown

This post was written during the pandemic and contains information specific to it. Although we have all now been in…

This post was written during the pandemic and contains information specific to it.

Although we have all now been in a lockdown before, this second one might feel slightly different, after a summer of more relaxed measures that we all started to get used to along with the days drawing in much quicker. Lockdown can be overwhelming, so for anyone struggling to settle into a positive routine or make time for themselves, here are a handful of tips that may help.

Get out and be social as much as you safely can

Feeling a bit limited by lockdown is kind of unavoidable, but you shouldn’t let yourself feel trapped by it. In Lincoln we’re lucky to have so many spaces where you and your house or flatmates can safely get out to for some headspace and a little break from being inside, from West Common and the Arboretum up to the castle and cathedral grounds. Or, make some time with your flat to order in some food and have a movie night, or link up with some mates online to watch something; no matter how you do it, keep people around you and make sure you feel supported.

Try and get yourself into a routine

Particularly with classes now being partly online you might be missing that structure to your week, it can be really helpful to try and set yourself up with a good routine. Even something as simple as making sure you wake at a decent time to make the most of the day before it gets dark as the days are getting shorter and shorter can help keep you in a better spot. Setting out your time well should also stop your uni work from creeping up on you and becoming an extra stress to deal with.

Make sure to set some time aside for yourself

While keeping on top of your uni work so you don’t get stressed is important, looking after yourself and making sure you have some down time to relax is even more so, particularly during lockdown. Finding time to do something creative or that you enjoy which is just for you and not attached to work or university is vital for keeping yourself grounded, making a good use any extra time you might have while in lockdown, and putting down time in your routine gives you something to look forward to while we cant go out.

Reach out for help if you need it

Lockdown isn’t an easy thing for anyone, so everyone understands how you could be struggling. Talking to the people around you and supporting each other makes both of you feel better and knowing you have each other’s backs will make lockdown feel a lot more manageable. The university also has a lot in place to support you through both lockdown or self isolation if you need it, so if lockdown is getting to you and you want to talk to someone outside of your friends and family there is a lot of help available.

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