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Using your intuition

‘Listen to your heart when he’s calling for you, listen to your heart, there’s nothing else you can do…’ – sings Roxette.

Do you listen to your heart? 

Our ‘inner voice’ is our internal dialogue. We talk with ourselves. We constantly ask ourselves questions. 

Do I like him? Is she nice? Why would he say this to me? Shall I eat a steak tonight? Would I look good wearing red?

These conversations help us make decisions. Decisions are made using logic, using instincts, or using both. Our conscious mind uses logic. Our unconscious mind connects to our feelings. When we are using instincts to make decisions, we are connecting to our feelings.  

For example, we want a part-time job in a bar because we think we will enjoy it. Our logic is telling us we should look for other opportunities, maybe more related to our course. Using both instincts and logic will allow us to decide what is best for us. Choose what you know you will enjoy and don’t forget about other matters. 

Being a student is an opportunity to express ourselves. It is time for us to try different things. To find what works for us. It is time for us to have fun. To enjoy life. Use it wisely. 

If you really want to wear a red outfit for an interview. Go for it. Chances are you will feel good wearing it, which will give you confidence. Confidence will help you win in any situation. Don’t be scared to stand out from the crowd. 

Intuition is a process that gives us the ability to know something directly without analytic reasoning. It is the gut feeling or a hunch. Intuition allows us to express our feelings. It allows us to choose what will make us happy.  

How can we connect to our intuition?

Be honest with yourself. Ask yourself questions. Get to know yourself. Are you upset because you failed the exam? Or are you upset because you feel disappointed in yourself? 

Try an exercise of five whys. Pick a thought or worry and question it five times. 

For example, I am feeling stressed. Why am I feeling stressed? Because I have a high workload. Why do I have a high workload? Because I have a job as well. Why isn’t my time balanced? And so on. Then you can work constructively to make your time management more effective and ultimately reduce stress.

The point of this exercise is to show us the importance of inner talk. To show us feelings are complicated. To show us in order to move forward we need to understand our emotions. We need to express them. 

Follow your heart. Always. Dream big. Express yourself. Tell yourself jokes. Trust yourself. 

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