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7 ideas for bonding with your flatmates

Sharing your flat with a group of strangers could feel very daunting and unfamiliar – AT FIRST. In this post I’m going to talk through some ideas of activities you can do together, to unite you everyone and bring you together as a group.

1) Games night

Be it classic board games such as Monopoly and Cluedo, or card games like Uno and Cards Against Humanity, games are a good way of getting everyone in one room doing something fun. Studies have shown that board games can reduce stress and improve mental health, so a games night is a perfect way of recovering after a day of hard work and study.

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2) Movie nights in

Everyone has a favourite film so why not take it in turns to share yours with your flatmates? Grabbing your go to snacks and watching a good (or very bad) movie allows those who are quiet and less social to get involved too, but it also opens up the conversation afterwards (or during if you’re one of those people!)

3) Group meals once or twice a week

Cooking as a group is not only cheaper but a great way to get everyone socialising too! Food varies all across the U.K and around the world, so why not bring a bit of home with you to university and cook your flatmates a dish that is special to you. Sharing memories and life experiences through food is good way of connecting with each other, whilst still embracing your individuality.

4) Bake off!

Nothing brings people together like friendly competition. An easy way to do this is to pick a bake-off day and then one person each week takes their turn to bake. The bakes are then scored and the highest scored wins. This could also coincide with The Great British Bake Off on TV because nothing’s better than having a snack while you watch!

5) Get creative

If you and your flatmates are more creatively inclined why not try; jigsaws, making a collage, scrapbooking, or even pumpkin carving! Check out this article by Kathryn for some easy autumn/Halloween crafting ideas that you could do as a group.

6) Explore Lincoln

There is so much to discover in and around this beautiful city. If history and heritage is your thing (or even if it isn’t) be sure to check out the Cathedral, Castle and The Collection. If nature and walks are more your thing then the West Common, Fossdyke Canal and Hartsholme Country Park are worth checking out. More ideas of places to explore in Lincoln can be found here.

7) Not a night out, but a night in!

Why not recreate a night out in your own flat/house. Throw on some great tunes and get the dance moves going! If you are feeling courageous, flat karaoke could be an easy way of breaking the ice whilst showing off your amazing (or non existent) singing skills.

I hope you have found these tips useful and best of luck with setting into Lincoln! If you do any of the above don’t forget to let us know in the comments or by tagging us on social media @uolstudentlife. Information about the different support the university has in place throughout your studies here can be found on the SU website.

Please note: This content was created during the Coronavirus pandemic, and some things might change due to current laws and restrictions. Please refer to the Students’ Union and the University of Lincoln for the latest information.

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