Self-care practices to do before exams

The night before an exam is always a nerve-wracking time where I tend to second guess myself and my knowledge,…

The night before an exam is always a nerve-wracking time where I tend to second guess myself and my knowledge, even if I have put in a sufficient amount of revision hours in!

I have found that a good routine the night before always helps me relax and get a good night’s sleep for the upcoming exam.

Below are some ways I choose to relax the night before!

Movie night in with housemates

I sometimes find my concentration can be affected the night before an exam as I am nervous, therefore by choosing a familiar film this means I can drift in and out easily whilst still being able to follow along with the plotline.

Movie nights also always call for a great selection of snacks!

Depending on what I fancy influences the selection, which ranges from chocolate covered strawberries, or sweets!

At home spa day

I also enjoy relaxing with a facemask (I enjoy the Garnier ones as they are gentle on acne prone skin), lighting candles, and painting my nails.

I find this is relaxing on my own or with a friend, I also enjoy the peaceful environment as it works to alleviate stress and reduce my nerves!


I also find in the run-up towards stressful exam periods finding time to prioritise myself and my health can be difficult, however, it is something that is important to me.

Being a student, money is tight, therefore as the gym is a monthly subscription I pay for, it is important I make use of it and remember the benefits of going regularly.

If I go to the gym an evening before an exam, I find I sleep better and have more brain power to face the day ahead!


I enjoy baking lots of chocolatey treats as I find baking enjoyable but also eating what I make in the few days afterwards!

Through my hobby of baking, I am able to distract myself the evening before and also enjoy a well-deserved homemade treat once I am home from the exam.

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