Lincoln Cathedral from Castle Square.

An American in Lincoln – my take on a British city

My experience living in Lincoln has been filled with a welcoming community, beautiful scenery and the charm of a historical city.

Coming from Los Angeles, I was impressed by the rich architecture and green nature. I discovered how easy it is to go out for walks by the river, and I am greeted by fellow walkers with a smile and a hello.

Everything is within walking distance in Lincoln; I go shopping in the centre of the city that is paved with cobble stone and lined with quaint shops, at night the city has fun and unique pubs.

The traffic is quiet and drivers from my observation are cautious which makes getting around on foot pleasant. One of the highlights about living in Lincoln is how convenient the train and bus station are located for trips to other parts of the UK. Sometimes I travel with friends but most of the time I travel solo, as a woman living in the UK, I feel comfortable when I walk, travel and go out.

I feel safe in the UK whether that’s in the big cities like London or in the smaller places like York. The British people are so polite and have always been willing to help me with directions or recommendations when travelling.

The Lincoln community is friendly and the cost of living is also friendly on my student budget. There are so many options for all my shopping needs that can all be done cheaply in Lincoln, especially when it comes to a night out with friends.

I was nervous about fitting into a new culture and making new friends but my coursemates quickly turned into mates, we bond over the differences between British and American lingo and culture.

Another thing I was nervous about was the food and I have to say that I absolutely love British pies, and fish and chips.

The last highlight about living here is the National Healthcare Service (NHS) as its easily accessible and free to receive many types of services. One morning I woke up with a strep throat, so I called the non-emergency line 111 who told me to go to the urgent care, I was seen by the doctor, and only had to pay the 10 pound fee for my prescription.

I really enjoy living in the UK and studying here so when it is time to return home, I know I will be back.

Written by USA student Jalysa Espinoza, who is studying an MSc in Crisis and Disaster Management.

All information in this piece nods to the likeness of the University of Lincoln experience before the COVID-19 pandemic.

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