Restaurants that make pancakes!

It’s pancake day! Personally, I love homemade pancakes and I love to decorate them and get involved with pancake day. However, some people prefer to go out and get pancakes – which is also really good fun.

There are loads of places that sell pancakes in Lincoln, if you want to go with your friends, partner, or venture out for pancakes by yourself then you should give these places a try! Alternatively, if you can’t be bothered to go out, or make your own pancakes – some of these places might be available to deliver.

1. Kaspas

Located in town, Kaspas is a go-to place to get all kinds of desserts such as pancakes and waffles. The crepes range from around £4.50 to £6.50 and there is loads of options! This is definitely a place that will satisfy your pancake day needs and is also such a fun and aesthetic place to go to!

2. Madame Waffle

This is central in Lincoln and is opposite TGI’s. They sell waffles and have a wide range to choose from. Whilst these are not pancakes, they are still really tasty and still in the pancake day spirit, worth a try if you’re not that into pancakes! They have an entire Vegan menu as well! The prices are a bit more expensive, ranging from around £6 – £7.

3. Churchills

Located next to Madame Waffle, people have praised the pancakes for being super tasty! It’s really central in town and would also be a great way to explore the city. With a new menu coming soon, this may also be a great place to visit on pancake day!

4. Frankie and Benny’s

This one is a bit further away so might be ideal if you have a car or want to travel a bit to get there. They have a number of buttermilk pancakes available that range from £5.40 to £6.20. There are 4 options to choose from and could be a really fun trip with your friends!

These are a few of the restaurants that sell different types of pancakes or waffles however there are lots more that will also have pancakes on their menu! If you’re not a fan of cooking your own pancakes and want an easy way to still get your pancake fix then these places are definitely worth a try!

I hope everyone enjoys pancake day and has the best pancakes ever! Personally, I’ll be having lots and lots of pancakes and I hope you guys do too!

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