Birds eye view of lots of pumpkins.

Low-key Halloween activities

Some people find Halloween too full on, parties can be intimidating and dressing up can be expensive, so here are some of my ideas for if you want to have a ‘low-key’ Halloween like me!

Whilst I love this time of year because I can finally pull out my sweaters and it becomes acceptable to warm my hands on hot drinks in the streets, for me, there is nothing better than things getting little spooky. Autumn is my favourite season and I will find any spare time I have to do all the seasonal things I’ve been missing.

Enjoy the outdoors before it gets too cold to.

Visiting pumpkin patches are all the rage this year, they’re great for picking the perfect pumpkins and taking some wonderful photos. I love going out at this time of year (when it’s not raining!), just being able to appreciate the environment around me. Getting yourself outdoors is particularly helpful at this point in the semester if you’re feeling the stress of your workload, it’s great to clear your mind.

Now, time to carve that pumpkin!

Decorating your apartment or house up for Halloween is the perfect activity to help you bond with the people you’re living with – whether you know them quite well already or feel like you could get to know them better. If you all have pumpkins, have a little carving competition, you don’t have to stick to the traditional designs so let your creative side loose.  Being creative helps with unwinding and boosts your wellbeing, which might be just what you need. For other decorations, you could take a group trip to the shops or if you’re feeling even more creative then check out our blog on Halloween crafts.

Break out those DVD’s!

Something I’m doing with my housemates this year is a Harry Potter movie marathon because what’s better than witches and wizards fighting evil? Having a Halloween movie marathon doesn’t necessarily mean you have to watch scary films, anything that gets you feeling happy about the spooky season is good enough! Again, this is a wonderful way of getting to spend more time with the people you live with. Before moving into my house I didn’t know my housemates, so it’s really nice to be able to spend some time with them and forget about everything going on in life for a few hours a week.

Whether you enjoy Halloween or not, it is wonderful to just take a break and spend some time feeling seasonal, on your own or with those around you. Get those ghostly head boppers on, get creative with your decorations and have a fun low-key Halloween!

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