Dissertation photo by Lincoln Cathedral

Dissertations – binding and photo opportunities

So we’re approaching the end of the year, and dissertations are wrapping up. There’s no doubt you’ve seen some of the infamous dissertation photos from previous years shared by the University on social media. I wanted to inform you on the general binding process, advice on how to go about it and some of the best locations to get those photos!

The University’s binding process

For those of you who don’t know, the University provide a really cheap and accessible binding service. It’s super easy and found in the library. There are costs involved but it’s very affordable. There are two ‘soft’ binding options; metal or plastic spiral bound. Both come with a clear plastic front screen. The plastic binding is just £1, and metal is £3. All you need to do is print your dissertation off, approach the enquiries desk on the ground floor of the library, hand it over and pay. You will then be asked to return at a later time to collect. And that’s it! However, there are other options available…

My dissertation, that I got plastic bound at the library.

Hard-back copies

An alternative option is creating a hard-back copy for a longer lasting piece of work. These are best done ordering online. I recommend the company ‘Lincoln Binding’ as they specialise in University of Lincoln dissertations/theses. They are engraved and hard-back, starting at £30 for a copy. Other companies quote a similar price for each copy, varying on page numbers, whether it’s in black and white or single sided, etc. 

The best dissertation locations

I’m sure you’re aware of some of the stunning photo opportunities in Lincoln. Here are some of my personal favourite locations for dissertation photos;

  • Round the back of the Isaac Newton building, featuring the crest.
  • On the University Library bridge with your back facing the cathedral, to feature that.
  • The side of the Cathedral, if you follow the path round to the left as you pass through the Exchequer gate there’s some open grass perfect for photos.
  • By the start of the recently built Network Rail Bridge with your back facing the library to feature that.
  • At the bottom of Steep Hill.
  • Along the Brayford Pool with your back facing the cathedral, to feature that. 

Dissertation photo advice

Some of the locations above feature quite tall features, especially the UoL crest on INB. For these photos, I recommend asking a friend to take them from a lower angle. This will allow for the feature (like the crest, or the Cathedral) to still be seen without having to distance yourself from the photographer and subsequently ruining the quality of the photo. 

Take multiple photos from different angles! You never know how the quality will turn out and with it being natural lighting, the brightness will tweak everytime.

Get some photos with your friends too. This is your final year, and you want to retain the memory of you all completing your dissertation together. How better than getting some group photos?!

Have some fun! It’s a laugh at the end of the day and all to keep a memory. Choose some funny poses and get those ad lib laughing photos taken. Don’t get too stressed about it either! If something is wrong, like lighting or saturation – these can be tweaked using apps when you get back home.

Congratulations on finishing your dissertation you should be as proud of yourself as we are of you!

If you do take any photos, feel free to tag us in them@UoLStudentLife

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