A laptop on a bed with a LinkedIn profile on the screen

Tackling the graduate job hunt

As a third year I’m starting to hit the harsh realisation that I’m entering the adult world and will very soon need a job. When I first started looking I had no idea where or how but since exploring some more, I’ve come across lots of sites and tips that could help other people!


This is one of my favourite sites because it allows you to create a complete page of everything you have ever done, from work experience (which is super important) to part time work or even volunteering. As you build up your profile, you are able to connect with colleagues, add skills and even be endorsed to show an employer what you are good at. LinkedIn has two different ways you can find jobs: firstly you can use their Jobs page to search for keywords and locations and browse what has been listed. Alternatively if your profile is complete and boasting everything that’s great about you, you can change your setting to ‘Actively applying’ and then employers can even approach you if you seem to be a good candidate for a role they have open.

Careers and Employability

The Careers team have their own dedicated site to list jobs that they list jobs on. You are able to filter by different subject areas, locations, salaries or other topics to get it down to exactly what you want. Because these have been published by the university, I would be inclined to trust them a little more than your average listing.

Target Jobs

I actually came across Target Jobs through the Careers and Employability site and follows a similar searching system. However, because it is a national website, they might come across more opportunities and it would never hurt to be searching in more places. They also have a lot of pages of subject specific advice and guidance on applying for jobs. I also get regular emails with relevant jobs and advice which is a nice little reminder every so often that I need to be job hunting!

Subject specific sites

For every industry there is going to be websites and recruiters who recruit specifically in that area so it’s definitely worth finding something in your area. For example, as a journalism student, we’re directed to Hold the Front Page to find jobs in our industry across the UK.

University graduate internships

The University of Lincoln also offers graduate internships in departments all across the university, which are a great opportunity to carry on living in a city and environment you have become accustomed to over the years while working at a graduate level. You are also able to network and learn more about the industry you are interested in, before taking the next steps to find a job when the year is over.

Other job listing sites

Of course there are also still all of the job listing sites that are tried and trusted – and probably everyone knows about! Sites such as Indeed and Reed also list graduate jobs and so could be a good base if you are starting your search and looking to see what is out there.

I hope that, armed with your CV and cover letter, you are able to find the perfect job for you and good luck with finishing the end of your studies! Have I missed your favourite job hunting site? Let us know if you’ve got anymore!