Why starting Christmas shopping sooner rather than later may save you money in the long run!

Us students are always looking for a bargain, but sometimes it feels impossible to not break the bank when it…

Us students are always looking for a bargain, but sometimes it feels impossible to not break the bank when it comes to Christmas. For a long time with Christmas, I’ve been shopping gradually over time ensuring I’m saving money whilst being incredibly prepared and I wanted to tell you why this helps and how it can benefit your bank account!

Making the most of deals

Now in the run up to Christmas, as well as the obvious ‘Christmas’ deals, there’s ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’. This year, Black Friday is scheduled for 25th November and Cyber Monday is on for 28th November. These are quite well known but in case you didn’t know, Black Friday is best for technology, appliances, gadgets, etc. and Cyber Monday is best for clothing, beauty products, toys and shoes. There are usually some fantastic deals on Amazon (every student’s go-to), Argos and even Morrisons! Optimise these deals sooner rather than later to ensure a fantastic deal, rather than waiting until Christmas Eve.

Ordering online – choose to gift wrap

If you’re ordering online, and gift wrapping is a free option, select it! This can save you money in the long run on wrapping paper, bows, bags, etc. Be careful though, not every option provides a full ‘gift wrap’ as they suggest. Sometimes it may just be that they take off the price tag and provide a gift receipt… but it’s still worth ticking anyway! If it doesn’t save you money, it’ll save you time during a rather stressful deadline period.

wrapping presents

Little and lots

I assure you, your parents or your siblings are not expecting brand new MacBook Pros and iPhones galore! If they’re anything like mine, they appreciate a Terry’s chocolate orange with a bow on. I find that buying lots of little bits, mainly chocolate and smellies do the trick in my house. In Lincoln, make the most of The Range, B&M and Home Bargains for some super deals on gift sets too. Not even just for sweets and smellies but they also have some fantastic alcohol gift sets, clothing accessories, PJ sets too! Most are often £5 or less.

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