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Making the transition from halls to house

So you’re sat in Halls, wondering what more there is to uni living. If you want to see another side of life at uni then moving to a house for 2nd or 3rd year is a great way to expand your experiences.

Firstly, here’s a few reasons why you might want to live in a house, from someone who’s been in one for two years:

  • It gives you a further glimpse into adult living.
  • More responsibility eg. putting the bins out – how glamorous!
  • It’s more social, a living room and kitchen are ideal places to chill together as a house – also house parties for birthdays!
  • More rooms – a house usually gives you more space eg. a bigger kitchen.

Anyway, you’ve picked your favourite people to live with, decided to make the move to a house. Now, what?

From my time hosting Facebook Lives about Accommodation, I’ve picked up a few things about the process, so here’s some tips.

Firstly, there is no rush. A lot of people will try and tell you to sort everything out before Christmas but there are houses available all year so take your time.

Research the letting agents. Some people have trouble with certain companies so make sure you go with the right agency for you with the best reviews.

Look around at a few houses! Personally, we picked the first one we saw and in hindsight, we’ve seen other houses that were much bigger or better and the same price – regrets.

When you do have a viewing of a property, make sure you ask questions. Things like, is there a tumble dryer? (Lots of student houses don’t include them because they’re expensive to run.) Are bills included? Is WiFi included? Make a mental list (or a list on your phone) of all the important things to ask about before you go.

Don’t be afraid to try things eg. sit on the bed and see how comfortable it is or even ask to turn the shower on to check out its pressure. Also make sure there’s enough cupboard and storage space.

Before you move in, make sure you read your tenancy agreement in full. There are usually a lot of clauses to keep an eye out for. You need to know the things that your landlord/lady should take care of and the things that are your responsibility.

Overall, moving into a house with your favourite people can be a really social and rewarding thing to do. It might seem like a lot to organise, with house viewings etc. but once you move in, it can be the best thing you’ve done. I love living in a house rather than halls (even though that was fun for 1st year) because I get to see more of the people I like spending time with, we all socialise in the kitchen/living room and all take responsibility for taking care of the house – it feels very adult but not at all scary. You won’t regret it.

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