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Updated 3rd year bucket list

We’re now halfway through the academic year and I’m even closer to the world of adulthood. With only a few months left in Lincoln and my final semester already started, it’s time to re-evaluate my 3rd year bucket list (you can read that here).

Here’s an update on what I’ve done so far:

So, predictably, I’ve been to Quack this year (it’s an institution) and made a few visits to the Cathedral on particularly sunny days. I also went to the Christmas market and bought some great gifts, and cooked a homemade festive meal with my housemates just as I hoped I would. I’ve tried Kaspa’s offerings but I’m still adamant that Madame Waffle is better value for money; plus it’s always good to support local coffee shops rather than big chains.

Now, there are a few things I’ve either recently learnt about and must add to the list, or just plain forgot about (oops!). It’s a good excuse to reflect though, so here are a few more ideas of things I want to do before my time in Lincoln is up.

Steep Hill

Right, I’m not sure how I just breezed over Steep Hill in my original list given its notoriety amongst Lincoln students, so it’s now skyrocketed to #1. Despite how exhausting it is, there’s no greater feeling of achievement than climbing Steep Hill. The Cathedral alone is worth the walk, but there’s a lot more that the quaint little road has to offer: small boutique shops, the Castle, and pubs and restaurants galore. Just take a drink for the journey!

Vice & Co.

This one’s a bit unconventional and I’ve yet to go there myself so I’m speaking from the words of others, but I’m told it’s worth it. Vice & Co. is a secret speakeasy that, to the casual observer, resembles a TV repair shop. Once inside, there’s music and great cocktails and mocktails; a hidden gem apparently. I’ll be visiting ASAP!

Trampoline Park

Lincoln has recently opened a trampoline park. It’s the first in the UK that combines trampolines with inflatables so it’s definitely going on the list! I’m planning on dragging all of my housemates there when our exam stress gets a bit much and we need to release some energy.

Escape Room

This is something that I have done before but the great thing about Escape Rooms is that every room is different. There are lots of different companies in Lincoln offering these experiences with an array of different themes. Some centre on prison breaks, some focus on magic, whilst others keep to the standard Sherlock style. All have different clues that you need to find and solve to escape – great fun!


This is more of a what-not-to-do idea. I am finally (in 3rd year?!) realising that pulling all-nighters in the library is not a good idea. This semester, I’m determined to be more organised and stress less. Maybe I’ll take some of my own advice from this blog about relaxing.

Life after uni

Perhaps the most important thing to do before finishing this semester would be to work on a plan of what to do after graduating! I’ve recently changed my plans career-wise, so I may need to pop to the Careers Centre to figure that out, which, at the risk of sounding like your Mum, might be useful for anyone reading this to consider doing as well!

Spontaneous adventures

Finally, I’ve learned that my best times at Uni have come from spontaneous plans. I’m quite a Type-A person and planning has always been key for me, but I’m starting to realise that the things that are unplanned can sometimes be more important. Last year, for instance, my housemates and I went sledging in the Arboretum during the snow days in March, which was a brilliant experience and not something that we could have possibly predicted.

Sometimes, all the lists in the world can’t accommodate for the best times. So, while there are many things that I’d still love to do, I’m more than happy to go with the flow and just enjoy everything Lincoln has to offer before I leave for good.

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