Somebody writes a checklist in a notebook

My 3rd year bucket list

For many of us, 3rd year will be the last at University. It will also be the year when we realise how old we are now. Yes, now is the time to start thinking about life after uni that consists of mortgages, grown-up jobs and reality. Gah.

BUT before that, we have one last year to enjoy all that Lincoln has to offer, and if, like me, you plan to cram as much into the next eight months as possible, then you’ve come to the right place. This is my 3rd year bucket list.


I’m going to start with an obvious one. This SU led night has the cheesiest tunes and its where most societies meet for socials so it’s a right of passage that most students will have attended at least once.

Lincoln Cathedral

From the sticky floors of Quack to the culturally magnificent Cathedral. It’s a must to climb the treacherous Steep Hill for a view that’s worth the exercise and it would be impossible to finish Uni without visiting it.

Christmas Market

Every year, the market takes place in the grounds of the Castle and each time it gets better. It’s best to go at night for the full twinkly-lights-against-a-black-sky aesthetic. Cute stalls, great drinks and fairground rides – what more could a homesick student want when it’s nearing the festive period.

Madame Waffle

From the more obvious must-sees to this potentially hidden gem. I lived in Danesgate House in 1st year so most mornings I’d walk past the insane aroma of freshly cooked waffles. My student loan took a bit of a hit here but they were oh so worth it.

Daisy Made Farm

While we’re on food, I can’t write a bucket list without mentioning the ice cream made on this farm. It’s the perfect day out with housemates: there’s a crazy golf course and animals to pet. Also, it has a drive-thru. Drive-thru ice cream!! More on that here.

Bierkeller Bingo

This might just be a reflection of how truly old I am now that I’m in 3rd year but the bingo at Bierkeller is such a laugh – it’s made more fun because you play with songs rather than numbers. There’s also a free sharing platter if you buy a £3 ticket to play. Bargain. Plus there’s the chance to top up that student loan with cash prizes.

House Home-cooked Meal

Finally, a simple one. Before the end of Uni life, I implore you all to cook a meal together as a house. It’s a bonding experience and costs very little once you’ve split costs. It’s fun, you get a hot meal and you can all laugh about how horrendous your cooking skills are while you’re at it.

So there you have it. Those are my must-dos of University life in Lincoln. I aim to do all of these again before the end of this year and, if you’re in the same scary boat nearing adult life, I suggest you enjoy all of these things first.