Lincoln bucket list: Christmas Market

There’s a little less than two weeks to go before Lincoln’s annual Christmas market returns to the city. Every year, for four magical days, the entire uphill area of Lincoln is turned into a winter wonderland and no degree at the University of Lincoln is complete without at least one visit during your time here….

A beginner’s guide to using the library

Coming off the back of fresher’s week and start of term, the library is probably the last thing on your mind. You’ve only just started your course and the dreaded January exam season seems like a lifetime away. But those months can pass quickly, and when they do you’ll need to know how to make…

So you’ve got your place…now what?

It’s results day! Maybe you got your place, or maybe you’ve picked something new. Either way in just over a month you’ll be leaving your school or college behind to start the latest chapter in your life. But where to start? With such a dramatic lifestyle change ahead it’s time to get your affairs in order….

Three Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

We’re coming to the end of the university year and you might have noticed you’re not as healthy as you used to be. Mum’s cooking has been swapped out for takeaways. Trips to the gym have been replaced by trips to the pub. Pretty much every opportunity for exercise was being used for revision.

Dealing with exam anxiety

It’s the time of the year that we all dread. Exam season. For some of us, this will be our first attempt at a university exam, for others our last. But no matter where we are in our academic journey, we are all stressed out. Exam anxiety is, unfortunately, a normal part of university life…

How to find the perfect placement

If your course is anything like mine, you’ve probably been told hundreds of times about the importance of work experience – how employers are always looking for experienced graduates, how it can give you an insight into places the classroom can’t, and how it’s a vital source of transferable skills. But away from the buzzwords. We’ve…

Spectres on Steep Hill

When I filled out my UCAS all those years ago I never realised quite where my degree might take me. Back when I applied for my journalism course I imagined it would be all council meetings and school fetes. And don’t get me wrong, there’s a hell of a lot of those. But last Wednesday I found myself on a dark street corner wondering what I’d gotten myself into.