Reasons To Get Involved In A Society

One thing that is considered truly essential to the university experience, is societies. These are clubs and groups run by…

One thing that is considered truly essential to the university experience, is societies. These are clubs and groups run by students, varying from different sports, crafts, fandoms, anything you can think of!

This year on Tuesday 19th September in the Engine Shed (10am-4pm) all the societies of the University of Lincoln will be on display offering freebies, fun, and information on all their activities – if you’re a fresher in particular, I cannot recommend it enough that you attend and find a society for you!

Here are just some of the benefits to giving a society a go.

Meet Like-Minded People

If you’re looking for friendships and you’re uncertain whether your course/flatmates are people you’re going to get on with, then joining a society is the best way to find new friendships.

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By joining a society you know that anyone you meet there has at least one thing in common with you, and it’ll give you a chance to meet more people who are just as nervous about navigating university as you are!

Engage In A Passion

At a society, every week you’ll have the chance to engage in fun activities designed by the committee, and in the past these have even included trips!

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By having a regular hobby like this, it gives you something to look forward to every week, and helps you take your mind off your studies – this is important, because even though you’re at university to study, it’s so important to take time to unwind and take your mind off all of that!

Plus, having something set in your schedule will make it easier for you to settle into a balanced university routine.

Alternative To Partying

If you’re not the sort of person who’s into going out to the club or otherwise partying, then you can find a society which caters to those of a more low-key, introverted personality.

There are plenty of societies who will aim to have relaxing, quiet sessions, and if that’s the kind of easy social scene you’re looking for then it’ll be perfect, and you won’t get as overwhelmed.

Sometimes it can feel like the only way to go out and have a good time at university is by clubbing, and it’s easy to feel pressured, but I can assure you there are plenty of alternatives to suit everyone!


Being part of a society will only require you to make a single payment (some as little at £10) in order to obtain membership for the entire year – what’s more, societies offer the dates and times of their taster sessions during the Societies Fayre (often two) which are always free to attend!

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So feel free to attend as many tasters as you can fit into your schedule, because then you can try a range of things and really see which ones are a good fit for you!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion: the societies at the University of Lincoln are brilliant and not to be missed! So pop down to the Engine Shed on September 19th and have a browse of what’s on offer, you won’t regret it!

Find out more about all of the Societies on the SU Website!

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