Essential things you need for Uni

Reflecting on my fantastic first year in Lincoln Courts, and with September just around the corner, I’ve taken some time…

Reflecting on my fantastic first year in Lincoln Courts, and with September just around the corner, I’ve taken some time to put together a collection of must-have items that’ll help smooth out the wrinkles of your first year at university.


Don’t forget to toss in a trusty doorstop! It’s a simple addition that works wonders during fresher’s week. Propping your door open isn’t just about maintaining some airflow; it’s an open invitation for new connections on move-in day and a superb ice-breaker for getting to know your flatmates.

Laundry Basket

Behold the almighty laundry basket! This nifty contraption is your secret weapon against clutter and chaos. If your laundromat feels like a journey away, consider nabbing a foldable one with sturdy handles – your future self will thank you!

Mattress Topper

A mattress topper can turn your bed into a snug sanctuary, offering an additional layer of comfort that’s especially valuable in student digs.

Extension Cable

Resolve the perpetual outlet shortage by bringing an extension cable with you! Make sure you bring one capable that can accommodate all your electronic needs, putting an early end to the challenges posed by scarce outlets.

Portable Speaker

Bringing in a portable speaker can instantly fill any space with good vibes, helping you settle in and elevate the atmosphere.

Cutlery + Plates

Go for a unique design to keep your utensils and plates distinct. Just a couple of sets will do the trick, trust me, two sets are all you need!

Storage Boxes

Make the most of storage boxes to neatly arrange your belongings and give the impression of a more organized space.

Home Comforts

Adding your own personal touch with items from home can truly have a significant impact. These cherished belongings bring comfort and a reassuring sense of familiarity, effectively helping to combat homesickness.

Flu Medicine

Prepare for those ‘Freshers flu’ moments with flu medicine on standby. A little relief can make all the difference. And don’t forget about the power of comforting beverages – having tea, coffee, and hot chocolate supplies go a long way!

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