DIY Ideas For Your Uni Accommodation

When you first move into your new digs at university, everything is just a blank slate, which can sometimes make…

When you first move into your new digs at university, everything is just a blank slate, which can sometimes make it a difficult transition. One great thing you can do to help make yourself at home and bring your new space to life, especially your bedroom, is to figure out some fun DIY ideas and accessorising!

Here are a few of my tips on how you can spruce up your uni accommodation and make it feel way more homely!


Having plants, whether they’re hanging from a shelf or set on your windowsill, is a must for your digs. Not only do they brighten the place up, but they’ll help with your room’s air quality and stop things from feeling musty. Also, having plants will really help you to start figuring out your routine, since now you have something you need to regularly take care of! If you’re a beginner, cacti and succulents are a great place to start, and you can get them from your local supermarket, garden centre, or just a regular plant/flower shop!

Fairy Lights

To create a way more chill atmosphere you can add fairy lights (or string lights as they’re often called) to your space! Whether you buy online or in-store, this kind of easy accessory will really help your space feel more like yours, and with battery-powered lights, you can use them on your headboard, or a bookshelf, or you can use command hooks to have them on your wall! Plus, since we have cooler months coming, having this sort of fun lighting will really add to the cosy vibes! Don’t forget, you can’t have mains-powered fairy lights in university-managed accommodation!

Candle Alternatives

Candles tend to be a go-to when making a space feel more like yours, but in many accommodations, this won’t be a feasible option. However, despite this being the case due to the fire hazard, there are loads of great alternatives! If you’re after the scent factor then reed diffusers and wax melts can be excellent, affordable alternatives to get your room smelling how you’d like. However, if it’s the candle aesthetic you’re after, then there are lots of fake battery-powered candles online, many of which even have a flickering flame effect!


Another great way to make your space feel more like yours is to cover up the plain walls with your favourite posters and frames! Unfortunately you can’t paint or nail things up, but command hooks and command strips are pretty useful alternatives for keeping things up on your walls, whether they be fandom posters, prints, paper collages, or even herbs and flowers! I especially recommend getting strong hooks if you want to hang up framed photos, and use a few extra if you’re worried about them holding the weight! What’s important about these though, is that they’ll leave your walls undamaged when you come to move out, and you won’t have to spend hours picking off remnants of tack!

It’s so easy to get these kinds of things online or pretty cheaply in stores like Primark, Wilko’s, or even second hand/charity shop retailers! What’s important is that you spend time making your digs into a place where you feel comfortable and happy, and customising it is the best way of doing that. So, enjoy your digs and have fun with that DIY!

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