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A Guide to the Brayford Campus Libraries

There are two libraries situated on the University of Lincoln Brayford Campus, the University library (across from the Engine Shed)…

There are two libraries situated on the University of Lincoln Brayford Campus, the University library (across from the Engine Shed) and the Ross Library (inside the Medical school). All students are able to use both libraries and they’re open 24/7 to accommodate any late night (or very early morning!) studying. 

the university library

Originally constructed in 1907 by Great Central Railway the building was originally a goods and grains warehouse before being converted by the University. You’ll need your student ID card in order to enter and exit but don’t worry as you can print out a temporary one if you’ve forgotten!

The Careers and Employability office is to your right as you enter and can help with all your questions regarding life after university, part time roles whilst at university and options about further study. Make sure to make the most of these facilities by either talking to reception or making an appointment online. To your left is the library reception and enquiries desk, ask here if you’re unsure on anything regarding the library as they’re more than happy to help you out with anything from maths and statistics help, referencing or even subject specific librarians! Also on the ground floor are quick access computers and printers along with laminating, a guillotine and hole punch. There’s also a free chargebox for if your phone is running low, along with vending machines, toilets, and comfy study spaces. 

Top tip! Look online via the university library page to find out where your chosen book is located, this makes it a lot easier to find your section using their system!

The first floor is equipped with books, study spaces, PCs, iMacs along with group study rooms that can be booked online. The second floor is similar but also contains study booths for you and friends to use. Moreover, all floors of the library have toilets, recycling bins and free water fountains for you to fill up your water bottles. The third floor is known as the silent floor so please remember to keep quiet and whisper! Food can also not be eaten on this floor but is welcome on all the others.

the universities ross library

The Ross Library is located inside the medical building on the first floor. This library houses biomedical and life sciences booked that can be reserved online or taken out in person. They have numerous collaborative study booths and PCs, along with a silent study area with private lighting and charging slots. There’s also a reception desk on your right as you walk in where the librarians will be happy to assist with anything you need. 

The library is open 24/7 but you’ll need your student card to enter in the evening time. There’s also bookable study rooms and library learning lounges on the 2nd and 4th floors equipped with printing services, a kitchen and even a roof terrace for you to grab some fresh air whilst studying!

Top tip! If you’re wanting to print from your laptop and not a PC just email your work as an attachment to emailprint@lincoln.ac.uk and it will be sent to your university printing account.

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