How living in halls helped me

I lived in ‘Danesgate House’ student accommodation for my first and second year of university and found so many benefits…

I lived in ‘Danesgate House’ student accommodation for my first and second year of university and found so many benefits to staying in halls.

Below are just a few ways staying in halls benefitted me and my flat mates!

Meeting new people

I found it a really useful way to meet people on my course and building who I have loved spending my time at university with!

Through social media I was able to get into contact with the people I would be living with, this eased my anxieties of living with new people as everyone seemed lovely online, so I was excited to get to meet them in person!

As my flat contained ten rooms I was able to quickly meet nine other students and begin to form connections straight away during fresher’s week.

Without my flatmates, I wouldn’t have known who to spend my time with at fresher’s events so living in halls really allowed my university experience to start on a positive and sociable note.

Luckily for me, Danesgate House is an accommodation for all students, not just first years, therefore I was able to make friends with second year students who knew their way around Lincoln and show me the best clubs and bars!

I also enjoyed making big flat meals altogether such as a big Sunday roast each week, this made all of us feel at home within our flat.

Being within walking distance of campus

I enjoyed the location of my accommodation as Dansegate House was only a ten-to-fifteen-minute walk to campus (depending upon which building you wish to visit).

The walk was through the high street which meant I could always pop into some shops on my way home if I needed.

So, for me, the location was perfect!


I enjoyed with student accommodation that I had to pay one all-inclusive bill in accordance with my student loan which helped me learn, for the first time, how to properly budget my money and track my spending.

This also meant I did not have to worry about bills throughout the term, only buying food and spending money on social events.

Feeling safe

Danesgate House had a security desk, similar to most accommodations, therefore I felt safe within a new city.

This was also nice to be greeted by a friendly face when leaving and returning from a night out.

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