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The ‘Forgettable Basics’ – what to bring to uni

When packing for uni it can be so easy to forget some things that might seem obvious but are easy…

When packing for uni it can be so easy to forget some things that might seem obvious but are easy to accidentally leave behind!

Here are a few items I made sure to remember to pack each year, so I did not get caught out!

A medicine box/ first aid kit

This might seem like something you will not need, however, in my first and third year of uni, I got a really bad ‘Freshers Flu’ and felt extremely ill after attending events in the city and on campus. Having a small medicine box with some paracetamol and cold and flu tablets on hand was really helpful as it meant I did not have to leave the flat to find a pharmacy when I was new to the city.

An extension lead

Some uni accommodations have minimal plug sockets, therefore having an extension lead can help in solving this problem, either in your bedroom or the shared communal areas, such as your kitchen.

Another tip would be, if everyone has the same phone chargers, e.g. apple, then putting a sticker on your charger can make it easily recognisable as your own (this should stop things getting lost or accidentally taken!

Soft furnishings for your room

Most student rooms, either in accommodation or private rentals are basic rooms with a bed, desk, and storage and they are not usually very ‘homely’ places.

They are usually basic and functional, however, to avoid feeling homesick you can easily make your room feel a more safe, comforting place by adding decorations and blankets to add to the overall vibe of the room!

I printed out some pictures of my friends and family to decorate my room also and put them in some nice picture frames from IKEA!

A nice blanket and bedding set can also add to the individuality of your room and make it feel more cosy!

A dressing gown or ‘oodie hoodie’

These are very helpful if you want to stay warm in the mornings as we approach winter, but also if a fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night and you want to stay warm.

As you will be living in a communal space, it is inevitable that not everyone in the flat/ house will agree on what temperature to have in the kitchen or communal spaces, therefore if you are someone who likes to stay warm, a dressing gown could be really beneficial!  

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