It’s okay to be scared before going to uni

Going to university is a huge change in your life, as it is something that you have worked so hard…

Going to university is a huge change in your life, as it is something that you have worked so hard for!

With all of the excitement, may also come fear. However, this is completely normal. When I first went to university I was scared. Scared that the course may be too difficult, scared of making new friends, and scared to live away from my family. However, I can honestly say that I have had the best 4 years of my life so far.

What’s so great about uni?

Making new friends

One of the best things about going to university is the opportunity to make new friends. It may feel scary at first, but I can promise you that this feeling will not last for long. I have made some lifelong friends at university, and can assure you, you will too. Just remember that everyone is in the same position, wanting to make friends, wanting to settle in, wanting to find their feet – so do not worry, you are going to be absolutely fine.

One tip I have is to make sure you put yourself out there – join a society, go to fresher events, try a new sport – these are all great ways to meet new people.

Gaining a sense of independence

Going to university also creates a greater sense of independence. Perhaps this will be your first time cooking, cleaning, living alone etc., but all you can do is your best. It is a huge learning curve, but it is nothing to be afraid of.

One tip I have is to cook with your flatmates, it is a great way to make friends, learn how to cook, and make mistakes together!  Now in my 4th year, it is funny looking back on how much my cooking skills have improved, from living off of frozen meals to cooking healthy meals each day.

Remember that you’re capable

If you are scared about coping with the degree I completely understand, I was initially scared too. But actually, the fact that you are here proves that you are capable. You would not have gotten into university if you were not capable of doing your degree. So do not let imposter syndrome take over.

Moreover, you are now studying just one subject that you enjoy, rather than countless GCSE subjects and A-levels. You can now just focus on one thing, which in my experience is much more enjoyable.

Make the most of this time

Overall, this is a time in your life that you will look back on with fond memories. Your time at university goes so quickly, so you need to make the most of it. Do not let fear take over, it is completely normal to be scared before going to university, but you have got this!

I hope this has given you more confidence in going to university. Finally, most importantly, congratulations on getting into university, it is a huge achievement so do not forget it, and ensure that you now enjoy this new chapter in your life 🙂

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