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My Favourite Video Games

For me, even though I wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore “gamer”, video games are really important to me. Playing them…

For me, even though I wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore “gamer”, video games are really important to me. Playing them often helps me relax or de-stress, and I love seeing how different styles and narratives unfold on screen. So, here’s a little list of some of my favourite video games, all of which I totally recommend!

The Last Guardian

In this game, you play as a young boy who has found himself in a strange, abandoned city of towers, with a unique mythical creature at his side. This adventure game creates emotional bonds like you wouldn’t believe, and the visuals will absolutely take your breath away. Before you know it you realise you’ll likely do anything to protect an on-screen fictional creature, which just shows how talented the writers of this game are! If you really want to emotionally invest in a videogame, this is definitely a great choice for you.

Shadow Of The Colossus

This game’s narrative follows a young man trying to bring his love back to life, and under the instruction of a seemingly god-like being, engages in the task of destroying a series of monolithic beings. Each being is designed with such dedicated detail and personality, each one offering its own exciting gaming experience. However as the story unfolds things are not as they seem, and you will be amazed by the visual design of this game, similar to The Last Guardian. If you’re a fan of that classic hero vs monster action then this is the game for you!

What Remains Of Edith Finch

The game is set at the house of the Finches, a curious family whose lives you discover as you explore the layers and stories embedded in their curious, unique house. You trace its heritage, the odd demises of each family member, and the question of whether the family is cursed. The game’s style adds a bit of mysticism to the overall cottagecore aesthetic, but as you play the game there are twists and turns in visual and gameplay style, which are a real pleasure to experience. If you want a detailed story and lots of exploration, this is the game for you!


I have loved this game for a long time and for good reason! Minecraft offers fun for every kind of gamer, whether you want to play a game of survival and battle, or if you’d rather relax and express your creative side safely, Minecraft is perfect for both sides of the equation. It is the perfect medley of exploration, creation, and subtle storytelling that underpins the entire block-based game, and it is a classic that is still popular for a reason. If you want to relax and unleash your creative side, this is absolutely the game for you!

All of these video games for me are amazing in different ways, whether it be due to their aesthetics, stories, emotional engagement, or versatility. All these games have helped me to unwind and de-stress in one way or another, so I recommend you try them if you feel like you need to relax. However, if none of these seem like your kind of game, Steam is a great place to browse and find the games that work for you, so have a little look and happy gaming!

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