Starting Your Own Business as A University of Lincoln Student 

As an international business student, I might be a bit biased but I think that owning your own business can…

As an international business student, I might be a bit biased but I think that owning your own business can be really great! It can give you a lot of flexibility and allow you to focus your career on an area which you are really passionate about.

I also think that as a student, this can be the best time to get involved with a start-up project as you have fewer commitments and the time to throw yourself into it. The idea of setting up your own business can be intimidating but fortunately, there are many different people you can turn to as a University of Lincoln student. 

The Student Enterprise Team

The Student Enterprise Team are a really friendly group of people who can help you with support and finding funding regardless of how developed your business currently is. Even if you just have an idea and aren’t sure of what direction to take it in, having a meeting with the Student Enterprise Team can help you set out what sort of business you want and how they can help you.

The Student Enterprise Team are always running different workshops which are both in-person and online and they recently had a talk from the founder of Bulldog Skincare who was able to share his inspiring story. For more information about the Student Enterprise Team, please visit their website; 

Careers & Employability

If you want to set up a business but feel like you don’t have enough experience or knowledge of a certain sector, this could be the ideal situation to get support from Careers and Employability. They are located opposite the Library and can help you find a placement or have contacts you might be able to reach out to.

The Careers and Employability Department also has a wide range of different events to encourage people to work and they are also happy to offer feedback for applications such as business plans or CVs. 

Lincoln SU

The SU are there to offer support for all kinds of issues and that also relates to support for enterprise enquiries. The SU Advice Centre could be a great place to turn to to get feedback on your business idea and they may be able to offer access to key market research, especially if your idea relates to the student community.  

The Business Society

The Business Society is also a great place to get support if you are looking to start your own business. They have workshops to help members develop their idea in addition to campaigns and they also have guest speakers who show that University of Lincoln students can be very successful in the world of enterprise.  

This list is just the beginning of different organisations students can turn to when looking to start a business. Depending on the type of business, you could try and contact different societies to get experience there as well as conducting market research. 

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